Surgery Disaster Leads to Uniboob

On Good Morning America, Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, how the "uniboob," known medically as "symmastia," happened and how he ultimately corrected the condition.

Botched Surgery Case

CBS News Los Angeles reports on a patient who had botched breast implants caused by bad surgery performed by a doctor who was not trained in plastic surgery. Dr. Teitelbaum explains what to look for in a surgeon and how to avoid unqualified surgeons.

Montel Williams: Facelift and anti-aging panel discussion

Dr. Teitelbaum appears on Montel Williams with a patient to answer questions from patients in the audience.

Why the Sad Face? "Trout Pout" and Other Celebrity Surgery Mishaps

Are some celebrities going too far with lip injections? Dr. Teitelbaum talks with the TODAY show about how this unattractive phenomenon happens.

FDA Dr. Steven Teitelbaum addresses the FDA Silicone Breast Implants Panel

Los Angeles plastic surgeon Dr. Steven Teitelbaum has been a stalwart of lobbying in his state legislature, Congress, and the FDA for the benefit of plastic surgery patients.

Changing ethnic preferences in plastic surgery - ABC's 20/20

Dr. Teitelbaum talks with 20/20 about how both white and black women have completely changed the way they think about beauty, rejecting the "Michael Jackson" phenomenon.

Combining Liposuction with Tummy Tuck (PSEN)

Dr. Teitelbaum recaps a panel discussion about combining liposuction with tummy tuck from the 2011 American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) meeting.

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