The state and federal governments and Medical Boards make or enforce laws that are of great significance to patient safety.

Dr. Teitelbaum has been a stalwart of lobbying in his state legislature, Congress, and the FDA for the benefit of plastic surgery patients. These activities have included:

  • Encouraging congress to pass the "Children with Deformities Act" which would mandate insurance companies provide coverage for children with birth defects;
  • Requiring dental insurance plans to cover orthodontic treatment for the terrible dental problems in children with cleft lips and palates;
  • Requiring direct physician oversight of medi-spas treating patients with lasers;
  • Mandating doctors disclose their education and board certification;
  • Limiting doctors who hold board certification in "bogus" boards—boards that do not require proper education and training—from advertising to the public that they are actually "board certified;"
  • Protecting patients from dentists wishing to perform cosmetic surgery;
  • Testifying in front of the FDA to allow patients a wider choice of better breast implants.
Dr. Teitelbaum questions candidates in 2000 presidential debate

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