Dr. Teitelbaum’s fabulous aesthetics and outstanding surgical technique maximizes the results each patient can achieve from a facelift.

Rather than simply lift and pull each patient as much as possible, Dr. Teitelbaum’s philosophy is to focus on what patients need to achieve their individual beauty.

A facelift adds youth. But further, Dr. Teitelbaum believes a facelift makes a person look healthier, sexier, and more energetic. A facelift improves appearance not only due to the physical changes made, but because the buoyed spirit expresses itself through the face.

For example, some people become very wrinkled with age, yet their wrinkles convey happiness and energy. Others develop lines that can inaccurately convey negativity, making their faces look sad, angry, mean, or melancholic. A facelift can allow the patient to convey through their face the happiness and joy they are really feeling by removing the lines that belie their emotion.

The best surgical technique for a facelift has been debated at every plastic surgery meeting for decades. Nevertheless, no one can tell what “type” of a facelift a particular patient underwent by looking at photographs of a patient after the procedure.

Face & Neck Lift Los Angeles

Getting ready to teach advanced facelift techniques in this cadaver lab at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Symposium.

Facelift Techniques

Dr. Teitelbaum is proficient at all of the major facelift techniques. Instead of operating as if “one size fits all,” he selects his method based on what best sculpts an individual patient’s face.

The more aggressive procedures have a greater risk of injury to nerves that can result in temporary or even long term loss of muscle function; recovery can take longer; there can be more swelling; and there can be more pain. Dr. Teitelbaum will use these techniques when they offer a patient particular benefit.

Regardless of method, what is most noticed about a facelift is what parts of the face are lifted, how much they are moved, and whether the scars are placed inconspicuously so that the ear and the hairline look natural. Dr. Teitelbaum excels at all of these aspects of a facelift and offers his patients a gorgeous and long lasting improvement without the telltale signs of surgery.

Are you ready for a facelift?

Though a few patients have facelifts in their forties, most wait until their fifties or even later. Sometimes women in their thirties will get facelifts, but their skin is so naturally tight that to do a facelift at that age will often but not always result in some facial distortion.

A man or woman is ready for a facelift when there is both frustration and sufficient room for improvement that makes the procedure worthwhile. A recent study demonstrated that facelifts last longer in patients who receive them at an earlier age. Notwithstanding that, a patient should never get a facelift before the benefits are enough to offset the expense and recovery.

Face & Neck Lift Los Angeles
Face & Neck Lift Los Angeles

Being told that “you are ready” for a facelift can be difficult and unnerving for many women. As a result, they may forgo the procedure for years when they could have otherwise benefited. Others have noticed subtle changes over the years and are eager to have the opportunity to improve their countenance.

The adage that “you can always tell when someone has had a facelift” is simply not true; overdone or poorly done facelifts have telltale signs, but in practiced hands they are also entirely avoidable. We encounter men and women everyday who have had facelifts and simply look wonderful; their facelift is undetectable.

Dr. Teitelbaum has the experience and sensitivity to help a patient decide whether they are ready for a facelift or whether they should wait. He frequently declines to do facelifts because, as surgeon and as artist, he essentially puts his name to every patient he operates on. It’s in neither the patient’s nor his best interest to simply perform any operation—least of all a facelift—on someone who is not going to have a gorgeous and worthwhile improvement.

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