Dr. Teitelbaum has been referred to as "the breast implant revision expert," and he has published articles as well as book chapters on this subject.

Santa Monica Breast Augmentation

Why Breast Augmentation

While some of us visualize a “Baywatch” breast when thinking about breast augmentation, for the most part it is a very personal augmentation that is only as obvious to others as a patient chooses it to be. It is about feeling feminine, full, and looking great in any kind of fashion. Some patients come to restore volume lost by pregnancy and lactation; some felt their breasts were never in balance with their body; some have asymmetry, and others need an improvement of shape. Dr. Teitelbaum very specifically focuses on natural, graceful, attractive, and beautiful breasts, always striving to provide the best breast augmentation Los Angeles can offer.

The Process

The first step in learning more about enhancing your bust with plastic surgery is to read through the comprehensive information Dr. Teitelbaum has prepared on this website, including videos and FAQ’s.

The next step would be to arrange to have a personal consultation with him either in person, or on the phone if you live outside of the Los Angeles area.

Availability after Surgery

Dr. Teitelbaum treats every patient as a VIP. All will receive his private email, home and cell phone numbers. He does not delegate calls to anyone else.

Minimizing Pain

Dr. Teitelbaum is a disciple of Dr. John Tebbetts, the man who described the “24-hour recovery” breast augmentation. Since then Dr. Teitelbaum has been using these techniques and has taught them to other surgeons around the world, and has written about them in plastic surgery textbooks. He has proven his ability to deliver this kind of result repeatedly while performing “live surgery” at plastic surgery meetings that was broadcast on closed circuit television to the discriminating eyes of other plastic surgeons. Patients generally drive in about two days, go to work in four, and go to the gym again at three weeks without restriction. You will not have any drains, tubes, pain pumps, special bras, or bandages. With a precise and gentle procedure none of these are necessary.

Breast Augmentation Los Angeles

The Consultation

During your consultation for breast implants in Los Angeles, Dr. Teitelbaum's priority is to listen carefully to you and come to a thorough understanding of exactly what you want. He will then take an extensive medical history, perform a comprehensive examination and take multiple critical measurements. Equally as important is that he will analyze the aesthetics of your torso with his discerning eye. The importance of the measurements cannot be overstated: there is an ideal implant size to fill up a breast and create the most beautiful shape. If the breast implant is too small, the breast will either still be empty or not filled in a proportionate manner. If the breast implant is too large, the breast augmentation procedure will make the breast look stuffed, fake, and round. He has written and lectured on this topic all over the world, and patients who had consulted with other plastic surgeons before Dr. Teitelbaum comment about his high degree of thoroughness.

The Implant

He has used virtually every type of breast implant available in the United States, worked on the development and testing of some, and so his knowledge of implants is on the highest and most current level. He will describe to you how the various implant types, incisions, will affect your result. Whether the implant should be placed in front of the muscle or behind the muscle will also be discussed. He will give you all of your viable options and help you to understand which best achieves the result you want.

Breast Augmentation Los Angeles

Breast implants can be filled with either saline or silicone. Today saline implants are used less often than silicone, which are thought by most to be softer, feel more natural, look less round, weigh less, and perhaps last longer. And while in the past we spoke as if there were just two types of silicone implants - regular round silicone implants and gummy bear teardrop implants - there is now a wide array of “gumminess” in both round and teardrop implants. Round silicone breast implants vary from the very softest and squishiest to the firmest and most ripple resistant. Teardrop implants are now available in less cohesive and softer versions, in addition to the traditional teardrop implants, which though firmer, hold their shape better. Dr. Teitelbaum is an expert in implant technology and has hundreds of different implants on display in his office for you to see and feel.

The Incision

Dr. Teitelbaum is adept at the armpit, areola, and under the breast incisions. But with the emergence of overwhelming data in the past ten years of the superiority of the under the breast incision, Dr. Teitelbaum will advise most every patient that it is best. You will see that every aspect of his treatment of you will be based on the most up-to-date scientific information available. What he does is always in a state of evolution, improving as new information and technology becomes available.

The Muscle

The decision whether to go in front or behind the pectoralis muscle is also important to your outcome. He has written and lectured extensively about this topic and will explain to you the very specific maneuvers he does to customize the operation for the needs of each patient.

Best Breast Implants Los Angeles

How is the size chosen?

Being sure that your breast implant surgery will make you big enough – but not too big – is probably one of your greatest concerns, and Dr. Teitelbaum will employ every available method to help you envision your outcome and make a decision about the breast implant size and shape that you want. There will be no surprises when you wake up! This is your body, and it should look as close as possible to the way you want it to be. Dr. Teitelbaum has worked in developing 3D breast augmentation simulation software with multiple companies, since long before they became widely available. He will show you a simulation of your results with the latest technology available, which is now the Vectra system. You will also be given implants to try on under an unpadded bra he provides so you can see how various sizes will look on you. He also holds a patent on an acclaimed device that can use the critical measurements he takes to select an implant that will create the shape you want. By using these various methods, you will be able to understand the various options of implant size, type, fill, and dimensions and the results they will give you.

Where does surgery take place?

Dr. Teitelbaum has hospital privileges at Providence St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica and UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. But there is no better place to do a breast augmentation than at the Aesthetic Surgical Center of Santa Monica, the private operating room Dr. Teitelbaum built to care for his exclusive clientele. Here Dr. Teitelbaum can be sure that each patient receives absolutely uncompromising quality of care. There are no nurse anesthetists, but only the best MD anesthesiologists who can do the safest and most comfortable anesthesia. There are no techs or LVN’s or recent nursing graduates; only highly experienced plastic surgery operating room nurses. In fact, he has a single team of nurses he has worked with for many years, each of whom is outstanding as an individual, and as a team know exactly what to do together. The instruments are kept new and perfectly maintained. Modern special air filtering and other technologies not routinely seen in private surgical centers are seen throughout the facility. There is an unwavering commitment to simply do the best that is possible.

What should I expect the day of my breast augmentation surgery?

You will be asked to come to the office about one hour before your surgery. You will then meet with your nurses, your anesthesiologist, and Dr. Teitelbaum. The plan will be reviewed and photos taken. You will go to the operating room and will be put painlessly to sleep. You will not feel or remember any of the surgery. Breast augmentation in Los Angeles with Dr. Teitelbaum usually takes less than thirty minutes. This is possible because of the high level of preoperative planning, experienced nursing and anesthesia staff, and Dr. Teitelbaum’s outstanding surgical dexterity. After surgery you will be in the recovery room for about 45 minutes, and then you will be ready to go home.

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