Best Breast Reduction Los Angeles

Dr. Teitelbaum is thrilled to perform breast reduction surgery because breast reduction patients are among the happiest in all of plastic surgery. This is because breast reduction is the perfect marriage of a "medically necessary" procedure with an aesthetic procedure.

Many women have significant symptoms from their large breasts: neck and back pain, breast pain, rashes under their breasts, grooving and pain from their bra strap, and much more. Large breasts restrict many women from exercising, jogging, or playing certain sports. They feel their breasts are stared at; they face difficulty finding nice fitting clothing; and find that they look heavier and more short-waisted than they actually are.

For women who have suffered with large breasts for many years, the decision to have a breast reduction often comes easy and brings with it a sense of emotional relief. But for the many teenage girls who consider breast reduction, trying to decide whether to have a breast reduction can be more emotionally charged. 

It is very important for a patient to convey the symptoms they are having and the size they wish to be to create the ideal surgical plan.

Dr. Teitelbaum's manner is slow and particularly delicate when meeting together with a young patient - this can be a sensitive subject, and his goal is to deliver the best breast reduction Los Angeles can offer. Frequently mothers accompany their daughters to these visits, and occasionally fathers do as well. Parental support and understanding for their daughters considering breast reduction surgery is very important. 

A good candidate...

  • Has completed their breast growth
  • Does not have any major medical or emotional ailments
  • Has reasonable expectations for the procedure's results
  • Suffers from fatigue, pain, irritation and chafing due to overly large breasts
  • Has a restricted range of motion
  • Suffers from self-consciousness and embarrassment over the breast appearance
  • Suffers from breast asymmetry
  • Suffers from nipples that dip too low below the breast crease

Benefits of breast reduction include...

A more youthful aesthetic

The profile is restored to better proportions, while the overall appearance is lighter and more appealing. You may even find that there's a spring in your step, which friends, family members and even complete strangers seem to notice and ask you about.

Clothes fit better

This is one of the greatest benefits to the treatment. Shopping is finally a delight rather than a chore. More sizes are available to you, and you can finally shop for the swimwear and bikinis that are the most fashionable. Bra straps no longer dig into your skin, leaving unsightly marks.

Improved Self-Esteem

Not only is depression and anxiety lifted, but you may begin to feel a self-confidence that is unexpected and welcomed. As you enjoy looking in the mirror more, enjoy playing sports and getting fit and active, your whole outlook on life may change for the better.

Increased mobility

Whether it's participating in more sports, or simply having the ability to play with your kids, a breast reduction creates more energy and vitality. Running, jumping and moving around no longer cause the skin to chafe, and the heart and lungs have less weight to support.

A sense of pleasure rather than pain

After years of shoulder, back and neck pain, Dr. Teitelbaum's breast reduction in Santa Monica can result in a complete reversal of these symptoms, giving you a joy in movement that you've sought for so long. Headaches are also reduced.

Why choose Dr. Teitelbaum for breast reduction?

Breast Reduction Los Angeles

Since 1995, Dr. Teitelbaum has been providing among the very best breast reduction Los Angeles can lay claim to. His results are exquisite, and recovery time is swift.

Integrity demands that Dr. Teitelbaum only performs surgeries he believes will enhance and support the client's natural beauty. His approach is conservative and cautious, ensuring that you receive minimal incisions and scarring.

Dr. Teitelbaum also prides himself on his friendly, down-to-earth demeanor and attentiveness to patients' needs. He is never too busy to answer your questions in depth, or to greet you with a smile. Many clients return to Dr. Teitelbaum's care throughout the years, recognizing that he specializes in positive long-term relationships that benefit the client's overall health, appearance and well being.

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