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Every woman considering breast augmentation shares the same concern: How do I choose an implant that’s the right size for me?

While Dr. Teitelbaum has a patent for a device that determines the best implant size for a breast and he is extremely experienced in helping patients find an implant that is best for them, it’s understandable that you will want to get some sense of how different options will look on you. It’s for this reason that Dr. Teitelbaum uses a state of the art digital breast imaging system. The Precision Light technology has helped hundreds of satisfied patients forecast how they will look after their procedure.

This device is new and not available to the public.  While there are other 3-D devices on the market, none have the same sophisticated software engine that actually does a simulation rather than just a “morph,” thereby creating what seem to be much more realistic images. While the images are excellent and generally reliable, patients should understand that this is a new technology and only time will determine the accuracy of these images.  

After taking three-dimensional digital images of the breasts, the Precision Light software then calculates precise measurements and determines the exact volume of the breast tissue present. The system can then be used to simulate how various implant sizes and types will look on you. Because any size implant can be simulated on your body, the machine presents you with an unprecedented opportunity to visualize approximately how you will look ahead of time, allowing you to get an idea of whether the implant Dr. Teitelbaum calculated for your breast gives you the overall size and balance that you wish.

Of course, like any simulation, Precision Light can’t give a precise prediction of the outcome. But Dr. Teitelbaum has found it to be far and away the most helpful forecasting tool available—and his patients agree. Many say that the digital imaging played a big role in reducing their concerns about their implant size, and gave them more confidence that they would be happy with their outcome.

But it deserves emphasis that while imaging is not fully reliable, the measuring system and calculation of ideal implant size that Dr. Teitelbaum is reliable.  Imaging should not be used to pick a size; it should be used only for patients as a means of getting some idea of how the implants will look on them.

All breast augmentation consultations that are candidates for digital imaging include a Precision Light session at no additional charge.  If you have breasts that are droopy and hang over the crease under your breasts, realize that the camera cannot get a picture of the bottom part of your breasts and therefore a simulation will not be possible for you.  It also cannot simulate a lift or revision of a previous augmentation.