Dr. Teitelbaum strives to make his patients' faces look gorgeous, young, happy, and free from overly pulled and tight areas, distortion, and disfigurement. This sometimes means not pulling as tight as possible and not attempting to flatten every last line. This is a reasonable tradeoff that many facelift patients choose.

His celebrity facelift patients do not want to be called out in the press for having had surgery. In contrast, some of his patients are comfortable with a more aggressive approach. Dr. Teitelbaum understands the nuances that create these subtle but very real differences in goals and outcome.

Causes of a bad facelift

Many people notice a bad facelift but they do not know what exactly is catching their eye.

Dr. Teitelbaum has studied these issues and is very attentive to avoiding every one of them:

  • The hairline in front of the ear can be raised too high if skin in that area is pulled too far vertically.
  • There can be a "hammock" appearance of the cheek skin between the corner of the mouth and the top of the ear if the skin along the ear is inset too vertically.
  • Our eyes are very sensitive to the appearance of the ear, and since facelift scars are hidden around the ears, they can be distorted by a facelift. The ear may end up tipped back; the earlobe may not fall freely or may be pulled forward; and the gentle curves and structures along the junction of the cheek and ear can be distorted. Meticulously planning the incision and tailoring at the end of the operation with painstaking detail has always been something that Dr. Teitelbaum has enjoyed and continues to do with every facelift.
  • The natural horizontal lines on the neck can be pulled over the jaw and onto the cheek. Those lines should not be on the cheek and they should not be oblique. This is more commonly a problem with a "short-scar" facelift in which the scar behind the ear is eliminated, thereby necessitating the overly vertical movement of skin just in front of the ear.
  • The overly tight windswept look on the cheeks from overly tightening the facelift. This can make the skin look thin and shiny. And by being pulled too tight, the cheeks can be flattened, eliminating their fullness and projection that is characteristic of a youthful appearance.
  • Doing too much with the eyes or brows at the same time as a facelift.

While no one considering any operation wants to hear about so many negative possibilities, these are the issues that concern nearly every person considering a facelift. However, Dr. Teitelbaum is acutely aware of, and abhors, these results and therefore provides his patients with very natural and gorgeous results.

Video: Dr. Teitelbaum's Rules for Achieving a Natural Facelift


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