The facelift treats more or less from the top of the ear down to the neck. But it does not improve the eyes, brow, or forehead. A low brow or a brow without a beautiful arch prevents the eyes from looking as beautiful as they are meant to be. An arch can make someone more feminine and comely. For these reasons, a browlift is commonly combined with a facelift.

Some patients do not need anything done along with a facelift. But many others need either their eyes, brows, or even both lifted at the same time.

Brow lift patients may have low and horizontal eyebrows, often laying within the eye socket. The low positioned brow creates the illusion of excess skin in the upper eyelids (though there may be some there as well), and people will reflexively raise their eyebrows when their eyebrows are low. This can give horizontal lines to the forehead.

A browlift repositions the eyebrows into a higher and more arched position. Since there is less crowding of the brow on to the eye, there is less of a need to raise the brows and therefore a reduction in the horizontal forehead lines. And while an upper eyelid lift reduces the upper eyelid skin, it is a browlift that lifts excess upper eyelid skin that is to the side of the eye socket.

Though the facelift itself is considered by the public as being the culprit for the "deer staring into headlights" look, that is the result of an overly done browlift. However, this negative result is entirely avoidable and should not be a cause for apprehension. Dr. Teitelbaum has performed many browlifts simultaneously with a facelift and understands how to coordinate the two in order to create a graceful and balanced appearance.

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