Amazing experience start to finish! I was referred to Dr. Teitelbaum by a friend who saw him for a procedure over 5 years ago. Her results looked so natural and customized to her body type, exactly what I was looking for. I live in Austin and was hesitant about traveling out of state for procedure at first. Our initial consult was done virtually, Dr. Teitelbaum was great with answering all of my questions and addressing concerns he also did 3D imaging to show exactly what I could expect results to look like. We flew out to California a few days before procedure for my pre op appointment. We were greeted by Maria at the front desk who was extremely pleasant and friendly, after seeing her interact with other staff members it was obvious there was strong sense of community. We spoke with Ashley Ohls, the head of nursing and Dr. Teitelbaum during visit. They both made me feel so comfortable and confident going into surgery. Ashley guided me through the entire process before, during and after procedure , she even put together list of restaurant recommendations for us to check out while we were in town. Post op couldn’t have gone better, there was no pain, no bruising and minimal swelling. I was able to go out to dinner and do a bit of site seeing less than 24 hours after procedure and didn’t need anything aside from Ibuprofen to assist recovery days following! Most importantly, my results are even better than I imagined! If you want amazing natural results and quick recovery this is where you need to go. I’m SO happy I went with Dr. Teitelbaum and his staff for my procedure! Worth every penny! Highly recommend!

Julieanne Lemke

I flew from North Carolina to have Dr. Teitelbaum as my cosmetic surgeon. Initially, I was impressed with his reviews, website/surgical outcomes, and friendliness during the surgical consultation. I had two procedures performed today, and I couldn’t have been more impressed by the staff (reception, billing, coordinating, nurse), the anesthesiologist (also highly praise) and of course Dr. Tietelbaum. No one in this facility was trying to sell or tack on additional procedures, had your best interest at heart, and were very comforting. I can’t think of a single thing that made me feel uncomfortable or not taken care of. I highly praise this business, his and his staff’s attention to detail, and the overall feeling of genuine calmness/care I received. Although, 2400 miles away, I would not change my decision, and highly recommend! Outstanding experience.

Justin Church

I had a facelift with upper and lower eyelids done four weeks ago by Dr. Teitelbaum. I must say the entire experience was exceptional from start to finish. The support from his nursing staff was so helpful and comforting. They were always available for questions. Dr. Moorman the anesthesiologist did such an amazing job. I was awake and I was ready to be discharged out of recovery in 40 minutes. My result looks so natural I am thrilled with the way it looks!! Who says you can’t go back in time! Recovery went so smoothly very little discomfort, I only took three pain pills. I truly did not need more. I was merely the canvas for Dr. Teitelbaum‘s fine surgical skills and aesthetic artistry.

Vicki Koplow

Dr. Teitelbaum is the BEST surgeon you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. I was 17 and struggling with having a severe deformity in my breasts. I was incredibly insecure from years of being bullied for my deformity. I went to see one surgeon before Dr. T, he looked at me and told me I had the worst breast’s he’s ever seen and that I am not fixable. I was devastated, somehow I was giving the opportunity to meet with Dr. T and he made me feel so confident and comfortable with who I was before he even operated. He changed my life in two surgeries when other surgeons said to do it in 4 or 6 etc. Dr. T and his team are truly amazing, they are the kindest and most endearing people you will ever meet. It’s been 4 years and I just got married, to this day I am still in contact with Dr. T and his team showing them pictures of me in my dress and thanking them for all their hard work (trust me it wasn’t easy work). I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for Dr. T and his wonderful team.

Amanda Coletto

Dr. Teitelbaum is a master at his skill. I had several consultations with other surgeons and immediately I knew he was the perfect surgeon for me. His bedside manner, knowledge and experience gave me all the confidence I needed that I was in the best hands. As a surgeon myself I was incredibly impressed by the seamless process of the entire surgery including my excellent post surgical results. I am one year out from my surgery and my results are outstanding thanks to the masterful work of Dr. Teitelbaum.

Roya Ghafouri

I had a breast augmentation done by Dr. T about 6 weeks ago and am thrilled with how well everything went. I was flying in from out of town for the surgery and so my consult was over the phone. The first time I met Dr. T was the day before my surgery but I had done my research and was comfortable with my decision. Everyone at the office that I dealt with was great. Vicki and Audrey were very patient with me as I had many questions and they were always quick to get back to me. Dr. T was so knowledgable and had a great sense of humor; I knew I would be in good hands. The procedure and recovery were very fast. The morning of the surgery I was back at my hotel shortly after 10am, napped for a couple hours as instructed, then was up for the rest of the day. I did experience some nerve pain in my breasts beginning several days after the surgery which lasted for about 3 weeks, but it has since totally subsided and was told this wasn't anything to worry about. I was worried that I would not be able to work out like I did before the surgery, as I am very active. For the first 3 weeks after surgery I didn't exercise, but then slowly began to again. Now I have been running, cycling, doing barbell presses and using heavy kettlebells again with no issues. I couldn't believe it! I'm so happy that I did this for myself and really can't think of anything I would have changed in the whole process. A big thank-you to Dr. Teitelbaum!

Cat C

How do you describe in a few short sentences a truly remarkable experience with a creative genius? My encounter with Dr Teitelbaum came through a "google" search from my dear sweet mom. What can I say other than the old adage stands true still today..."Mother knows best". Upon meeting Dr Teitelbaum, in the first few minutes there was no doubt in my mind that he was my doctor. A brilliantly skilled artist and fabulous educator, Dr Teitelbaum is in one word brilliant. I scheduled a consult for a rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. After careful examination, Dr Teitelbaum not only told me my breasts were "about the prettiest he had ever seen", he recommended that I not have them done. On my petite frame, he could not see the benefit of "slightly bigger" at risk of affecting their shape. On the other hand, Dr Teitelbaum said I would benefit from a rhinoplasty. I loved the way he spoke about my nose. He said "your nose belongs on someone else's face." (Such a classy way to insinuate that really there are no bad noses, just that some noses do not match a certain face). I am so thankful for his honesty and genuine position. From that day of consultation to surgery completion, every detail was class act. After a one and a half hour surgery, and one hour recovery, I spent the evening in quiet celebration at Dr Teitelbaum's restaurant recommendation, Milo and Olive. (Did I mention that I was supposed to take it easy? I must have missed that on the post op "take home worksheet".) It was too beautiful of a night to not take that 1 mile walk to dine at such a fabulous establishment...thanks Dr T for a beautiful nose, fabulous experience, and now a new favorite eatery. Cheers to a great team!

Trisha Jost

Breast augmentation all the way back in 2004, and I could not be happier with it. Dr. Teitelbaum's work looks beautiful and natural. The whole staff was both approachable and professional. Most amazingly, I had almost no pain (still not sure how he accomplished that!) This was a totally positive experience all around.

Susan Avallon

I am really happy that I had a breast augmentation with Dr. Teitelbaum. It wasn't really that painful and I'm happy with the outcome. It went as well as it possibly could.

Meeting with Dr. T felt like meeting with a friend. He listened to my concerns and answered all of my questions with such care and compassionate. The office staff was always available and I never felt like o was just a number. Working with Vicki was one of the best experiences. She answered all of my questions regarding costs and scheduling and healing. A wealth of knowledge and compassion.

Dr. Teitelbaum and his staff were most helpful in making me feel confident regarding the procedure and expectations J was quite concerned about the size of the implant and felt Confident that Dr Teitelbaum understood my needs. The surgery was seamless and there was no downtime. The staff continued to stay in contact to make sure I was recovering well

Everyone in the office is very knowledgable and helpful in answering questions. Dr. Titelbaum heard what I am looking for and took his time with our consultation.

He let me know that the initial procedure I wanted would give me adverse effects and showed me a better alternative. He really cares for the health and overall wellbeing of his clients

I knew the doctor has specific experience in this surgery, and I had had a friend who had undergone the same with him and was very pleased. I also have known the doctor for many years, as we both grew up in LA.

The whole experience from start to finish . Highly professional . Explained the options and outcome very clearly . I felt very safe and confident in my choice of surgeon [Single best thing is...] The result . It’s was everything I had hoped for .

Really loved the doctor and staff. Very friendly and knowledgeable!

all my concerns were addressed and answered

My breasts are a beautiful shape and look good. [Single best thing is...] Having the weight of my breasts removed and less mid-back pain.

It really meant a lot to me that Dr Teitelbaum personally called me the night before surgery to assure me everything was gonna go great, he was excited to work with me, and offer to answer any last questions. The entire staff showed great care and respect. and of course the results were beyond what i could have imagined for myself. Im very happy. [Single best thing is...] The results boosted my confidence and comfort.

Excellent results

I felt so cared for and looked after. Everyone is so kind in Dr. T's office.

Doctor and team very caring and helpful so far

The process and communication was so thorough. The staff is all very nice and I felt taken care of every step of the way. "My results are exactly what I asked for. I am so much more comfortable in my body and in appearance. Dr. Teitelbaum did an incredible job making me very natural which is exactly what I wanted."

The surgical team and dr. Teitelbaum were so professional, kind, and accomplished everything I wanted. A surgery that I felt in great hands, a painless recovery, and natural results. [Single best thing is...] Feeling comfortable leading up surgery with all the knowledge given to me, the nurses on hand for any questions, and amazing results. So natural

The surgery went flawlessly and fixed the issue I had due to scar tissue build up. Dr Teitlebaum is just the best. I was able to get back to Texas and open my business 3 days after surgery which I know wouldn't have been possible with anyone else.

I got my breasts done (breast augmentation) by Dr. Teitelbaum last week. The results are exactly what I had hoped for. Recovery was easy (literally painless! - on a scale from 1 - 10 a zero). I was able to go on a walk the night of the surgery and felt back to normal the next day - no grogginess whatsoever. I am so grateful and happy that Dr. Teitelbaum was able to create the breasts I always wished for. I highly recommend Dr. T to anyone looking for aesthetically pleasing, natural results. Thank you to Dr. T & the whole team for the perfect experience!

Julia R.

I am just over a year out from my complicated breast aug and could not be happier with my results. The results are so natural and exceeded my expectations. I am so thankful that I was referred to Dr. Teitelbaum

Leslie Irvine

I love Dr. Teitelbaum's office. He has a stellar crew. Dr. Teitelbaum himself is darling and an exceptional breast surgeon. April Stocker PA was very personable, adeptly skilled, and readily available every time I reached out. Every appointment with her has been right on time. I look forward to my check-ins with her.

Emily Young

Dr Teitelbaum and his staff are caring professionals working to achieve high quality, natural and realistic patient results and satisfaction. From the moment I spoke with his office; I was impressed. When I met Dr T for my consultant, I knew immediately I found a physician I could trust with my face and Brow Lift! I work in the medical community and SoCal has a lot of plastic surgeons. When I decided I was ready for some enhancements in my facial appearance (over 50); I did a lot a research on procedures as well as surgeons. I asked friends and colleagues for referrals. After careful review; I narrowed it down to three - Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Newport Beach. I read reviews; websites and poured over the before and after pics. So, believe me when I write: you'll Love Dr Teitelbaum and his staff; April, Michelle, Vicki, Jackie, Maria! They listen to your desires, goals and concerns. I was sent detailed information about the procedures ahead of my consultant, including info about the risks, recovery and what to expect. They did a thorough intake of my health history. During my first consultant, Dr T was running behind and popped in to apolgize for making me wait. Impressive! And once we started chatting about my goals, desires and concerns, I understood why he may run late. He LISTENS! He answers questions. He reviews your health background. He develops a plan that meets those goals and understands if you don't have an unlimited budget to tackle everything at once. (I'm definitely going back for my face lift!) He and his staff followed up with information; directions for Pre-OP and pricing. There were no surprises or missteps. On the day of the surgery, Dr T decided to eliminate a small procedure on my lower eyelids, because he didn't believe it was really necessary. I was a little shocked and at the same time, pleased that once it came down to Performance Time; he was making his best professional and clinical decisions. He refunded that portion. This Dr is about delivering beautiful results. I could not be more pleased with the outcome. My friends just think I look rested and when I show them the before; they are like WOW! What a difference! They didn't realize how much my eyelids sagged, how angry my brow lines were and the wrinkles in my forehead. During the recovery process; Michelle was such a sweetheart. We were laughing because she woke me up from a great dream. All along the way, April was there to answer my questions via phone calls and email. And, i even had a question for Dr T and he responded via cell text. They never made me feel unimportant or complaining. They were professional and concerned as well as excited for me. Great support regarding any fears too! Read his website; every word chosen is a deliberate reflection of his philosophy and beliefs. As for the other two doctors I intereviewed; I left the office of the OC doc after 5 minutes because he came in not wearing a mask during Covid! I knew we were not a match. The other doctor was awesome, but kept insisting i needed a face lift vs some eye work. Dr Teitelbaum listened. (And, his staff always wears mask even though they have been vacciinated!) TRUST I feel more confident with and without makeup. I wake up and no longer look "haggard" in the morning. And, I feel like my self - vibrant, happy and no longer "angry" with those middle of the brow lines!!! Thank you for helping me gain my "bright" self back!

Jenny Johnson

I have had 2 separate procedures done by Dr. Teitelbaum. Having had bariatric surgery, I desperately needed excess tissue removed from my arms and I had a bad skin cancer on my face near my nose. The thoroughness of Dr. Teitelbaum in his approach to each procedure was wonderful! He very carefully explained to me each procedure, its pros and cons and what I could expect after the surgery. Any fears that I had were alleviated by his thorough, positive approach. I can recommend Dr. Teitelbaum to any of my friends who are contemplating plastic surgery with no reservations! He is compassionate, thoughtful, thorough, professional and an extremely talented surgeon!

Fran Moorman

Dr. Teitelbaum is unequivocally THE BEST plastic surgeon! When I realized I required an extremely complicated breast revision, I started researching doctors far and wide. I travelled 3,000 miles to see him and would travel farther without hesitation. For me, the most important thing was an excellent result, and I am fortunate to have the flexibility to choose the best doctor. I did a ton of research, and even considered international options. I interviewed six different doctors and looked at tens of thousands of before and after photos. In the end, Dr. Teitelbaum’s photos were the most stunningly MASTEFUL by a large margin. He is an absolute magician, creating a gorgeous, natural result even when you can’t imagine it is possible. My own results are no exception. I am delighted beyond words every time I look in the mirror! I can’t find enough ways to say “thank you” to him for brining back joy and confidence in my appearance. If you want the best, Dr. T is your doctor! I should also note that his staff is amazing, and the recovery was a breeze. I felt extremely relaxed and cared for in a potentially stressful and nerve-wracking situation. I would have chosen Dr. Teitelbaum based on the photos of his work alone, but if you are considering a surgery with him, you should know that everyone in his office will make your transformation easier and truly enjoyable. A thousand thanks to the whole team!

Kate Stillman

Dr. Teitelbaum is the Mater Guru of breast augmentation. My 1st breast augmentation from him was 12 years ago. Since then I have had a baby to whom I breast fed and they still looked amazing. But I wanted to re-do them since it had been a long time, so without question Dr. Teitelbaum was who I called. His technique and perfectionism made them look so naturally beautiful. His entire staff is a first class act, and so genuine; love them! To be honest, I had an ex-boyfriend of mine ask me who did my breast augmentation, as he said they were the best he'd ever seen. Since then he has referred 6 girls to Dr. T over the past 5 years. Anyway, he's the MAN!!!!!

Erika Janes

Dr. Teitlebaum is the absolute best. He is an exceptional surgeon with exceptional technique and skills. Everything he claims to be he is. Your results will be naturally beautiful. Not fake or unnatural. Dr. Teitlebaum and his Staff do not miss ONE detail! I am so happy with my experience and my results.

Simmons Family

Dr. T and his team made me feel comfortable since the first consultation. He was fantastic about answering all questions and concerns. My surgery was flawless and I had an Incredibly short recovery time. He made me feel good about myself before and after surgery, and the results were outstanding.

From my initial consultation to the day of surgery, Dr. Teitelbaum and his office went above and beyond to ensure I received the result I wanted. As a bodybuilding competitor, symmetry is paramount. Not only did Dr. T and his staff take the time and effort to ensure that my results would be EXACTLY how I envisioned but took extra care in determining what would be the best procedure to achieve my goals, what implants would suit me, and showed me a variety of methods we could make it happen. I was impressed with the overall process and how nuanced the office was with me - it greatly enhanced their credibility as an office that genuinely cares about their patients’ well-being, physical and psychological.

Dr. T was knowledgeable and caring. He was honest and available at all time when I was under his care. His staff are warm and polite.

Love my results! All my loose neck skin is gone. Jowling gone. [Single best thing is...] artistic skill of Dr T

Dr. Teitelbaum really listened to me. He clearly explained what I could expect from the surgery and helped me to manage my expectations.

Scheduled quickly and consult was completed in a timely manner. Based on the consult, I have scheduled my surgery with Dr. Teitelbaum. Excellent surgeon, thorough and compassionate. I highly recommend.

Staff was so thoughtful, throuough, and helpful. Doctor did an amazing job. End results are exactly what I wanted and look amazing

I felt very comfortable during my visit and was happy with the plans for the surgery.

Dr. Teitelbaum is personable, clearly explained my options and answered all my questions.

My pre-op nurse Ashley was amazing and thorough in answering questions/being available, so that I felt I had prepared well for my surgery. Dr Teitelbaum was confident and professional in my consultation, which set me at ease about the procedure. I am thrilled at my results - how natural and well-shaped my breasts look, and how minimal the scarring is. I had wanted this surgery for a long time, and my expectations for a skilled surgeon were met. 1. My postop nurse was gentle/caring - so important when awaking from anesthesia 2. I was shocked/grateful for how minimal my post-operative pain was, even after the nerve block wore off 3. the incredibly easy postop care; showering the next day

The surgeon was very knowledgeable of transgender terminology, as well as being reassuring with the knowledge he had. [Single best thing is...] The surgeon knowing transgender terminology.

The staff and the doctor spent a lot of time answering my questions. After the surgery, I had access to the doctor if needed. It wasn't needed, but I felt supported knowing I could call if I had a question or concern. I felt mentally prepared for the procedure. I knew what to expect. The book that was provided in advance was also very helpful. "I love my results."

All the staff have been so friendly, helpful and genuine.

Doctor answered all my concerns/questions. Appointment was on time.

Dr. Teitelbaum, listened, understood my needs and circumstances and gave me all the information I needed

I scheduled a breast augmentation in August 2022, and I could not be more impressed with Dr. Teitelbaum or Staff. Everyone was comforting, professional, and polite. I flew from North Carolina to California for the procedure after doing my due diligence. Obviously, incurring extra costs and skipping multiple well skilled surgeons along the way. In the end, I would not hesitate to use Dr. Teitelbaum Again.

I love the fact I was in and out of surgery in less than an hour and pain-free! I was not heavily sedated and not groggy one bit. I was out that night and have been internally healing ever since and and they look great. [Single best thing is...] "The change in my life and how I feel about my body now after years of putting this off."

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