The graceful and complex curves of the ear make it one of the most beautiful and amazing parts of the body. While delicate and soft, the ears are very strong, returning to their original shape after being deformed by actions such as pulling off a tight shirt.

Well-formed ears are a profoundly important component of beauty even though few of us stop to specifically consider this. Otoplasty improves not just the shape of the ears but positions them so that they project from the head at the most beautiful angle.

Whether done as a child or an adult, otoplasty patients are among the happiest of plastic surgery patients. Though what is actually done is subtle, the overall impact on a patient’s appearance is dramatic.

Two issues typically serve as the cause: the bowl shaped part of the ear (the concha) can be too large, thereby pushing the entire ear out too far from the head. In others, the folds along the edge of the ear are too soft or non-existent and the rim of the ear does not curve back against the head.

This procedure is popular for children just starting grade school as this is an age when teasing begins. But if the parents do not notice, then men and women alike in young adulthood will seek correction. Men will say they never had their hair cut as short around their ears as they would like and women will say that they have been unable to pull their hair back.

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