A beautiful nose does not draw attention to itself. It should certainly have a beautiful form. But Dr. Teitelbaum believes the goal of a rhinoplasty is also for the nose not to get noticed. "Nose jobs" all too frequently look obvious, much to the chagrin of conscientious plastic surgeons who deliver natural results to their patients day in and day out.

Noses can look unnatural for two reasons. One is that the shape of the nose itself does not follow the graceful contours of the unoperated upon nose. Instead, there can be irregularities such as hard angles or depressions. Of more concern is that the nose can look out of balance with the rest of the face. While growing up in Los Angeles, Dr. Teitelbaum recalls an old time Beverly Hills plastic surgeon who "gave everyone the same nose." In fact, in some circles socialites would point out someone as having "A Dr. So and So nose." White or black, Middle Eastern or Northern European, everyone was given the same nose.

While at an academic level this approach has long been abandoned, we still see people who have noses that don't fit their face. While a soft profile and a smaller tip are typically the changes that most people need, these changes should only be done in an amount appropriate to make that person look better.

Dr. Teitelbaum is a big believer in the eyes as being the most important aspect of human beauty. Certainly there are individuals whose eyes are of unusual beauty. But often when we describe someone as having beautiful eyes we are referring to our ability to actually see their eyes. Dr. Teitelbaum is careful to make your nose look better, but not to allow it to divert attention from your eyes.

As you look at the photos of some of Dr. Teitelbaum's rhinoplasty patients, you will notice that their noses do not just look better; they look better. Handsomer, prettier, sexier, simply more attractive.

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