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  • For some patients, there is sweating and discomfort around the loose skin. After childbirth, some women will say that sometimes they still feel pregnant, and a tummy tuck can reverse that. Additionally, some women experience a loose, empty, or full vulva.

    While diet and exercise will reduce fat and strengthen muscles, they cannot remove loose skin, stretch marks, or tighten separated muscles. Indeed many tummy tuck patients are very thin and fit. When the skin is loose and muscles are separated, there simply is no alternative to some type of a tummy tuck. Simply put, a tummy tuck does something that nothing else in the world can do.

    Tummy tuck patients are among the most thrilled plastic surgery patients. Once again they can wear a bikini. They no longer see skin and fat rolling over their underwear. They can bend over and not feel loose and wrinkled skin hanging down. After a tummy tuck, the most stylish clothing can fit well and patients regain a sexiness and beauty they may not have had for years.

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    The concepts behind this type of tummy tuck are abstract and in this paper Dr. Teitelbaum explains them to other surgeons.

    Tummy Tuck Procedure

    Tummy tuck surgery involves a continuous spectrum of options, ranging from a mini tummy tuck with a short scar, to a full tummy tuck that can remove a lot of skin and fat, tighten muscles, and fix hernias. Dr. Teitelbaum is a master at assessing the individual components of each patient's problems and will work together with you in a step-by-step manner to create a custom operation for you. In this way, he hopes to provide you with the best tummy tuck Los Angeles can offer.

    The primary objective of an abdominoplasty is to create a svelte and beautiful abdomen. Many patients also have laxity in their pubic area and groin, or even their upper thighs.

    Adjustments can be made to also improve these areas. Dr. Teitelbaum considers the "total picture" and adjusts the procedure to create the maximum benefit and restore the most ideal contours.

    Dr. Teitelbaum always keeps the scar as narrow as possible. Because a wider scar may provide more advantageous results in other ways, he will provide you with all information necessary to determine what size scar is most appropriate. Dr. Teitelbaum has had this discussion with hundreds of patients and he is sympathetic to patients trying to make this choice. He will take as much time as necessary to help you figure out whether you want a tummy tuck and the type of a tummy tuck that most appeals to you.

    As underwear and bikini styles have become lower on the hips in recent years, Dr. Teitelbaum has modified his approach to further lower his scars so that they can be concealed within most underwear and two-piece bathing suits. Interestingly, in 2017, swimsuits and underwear styles indicated a trend to start riding higher again. He will discuss with you the location of a scar that will be the most hidden for you.

    Tummy Tuck after Pregnancy

    Pregnancy can do two things to a woman's stomach that can only be fixed with surgery: it can stretch the skin and it can separate the stomach muscles that are normally fused in the center.

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    Diet and exercise do not tighten skin. There is, alas, no "skin machine" in the gym. We work out to strengthen our muscles, heart, and lungs, but we can't tighten skin through exercise.

    The enlarging uterus puts pressure on the abdominal wall, which can separate the paired rectus muscles that go all the way from the rib cage down to the pubic bone. When these muscles are separated, it is called a "rectus diastasis". Sit-ups can make the muscles stronger, but they won't fuse them back together. Once there is a gap, the pressure from inside the abdomen pushes out and can at times make even a thin woman look bloated or pregnant. Just like the skin, only a tummy tuck can connect those muscles together again.

    A swift and safe recovery is critical to enable mothers to return to being with their children. Dr. Teitelbaum is very conservative and careful with every aspect of his surgery. He has lectured about the complications of tummy tuck surgery and understands the findings of the latest publications. In 2016-2017, he was president of the ASERF, the national research organization of plastic surgery. So he is aware of all of the latest developments in tummy tucks. While safety is paramount for every surgical patient, Dr. Teitelbaum realizes that there is an extra something that needs to be considered by mothers contemplating surgery.

    Tummy Tuck after Weight Loss

    Many men and women are seeing plastic surgeons following enormous weight loss, either following new weight loss operations or committed diet and exercise programs. After devoting enormous effort to losing weight, people want to look as good as possible. Depending on the quality of the skin and the amount of weight lost, patients can vary from having a little skin laxity to being extremely deflated and suffering from a substantial amount of excess and hanging skin.

    A top Los Angeles abdominoplasty surgeon, Dr. Teitelbaum studied with the plastic surgeon that pioneered the modern techniques for body contouring following weight loss. He even attended the very first meeting ever devoted to discussing the plastic surgery treatments of massive weight loss. He has spoken to weight loss support groups to explain the potential of these procedures. His experience is vast and his understanding sophisticated.

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    Massive weight loss patients differ from post pregnancy tummy tuck patients in three important ways: First, the amount of laxity can be substantially greater, and the laxity more frequently extends all the way around the waist. Correcting this often requires more complicated procedures, better preoperative planning, and particularly meticulous surgical technique.

    The second difference is that there is generally a greater degree of damage to the quality of the skin in patients who have lost a lot of weight than patients who have simply had pregnancies. This requires a different degree of pull on the skin. Directions of pull, the amount of pull, and other technical issues are different with weight loss patients. Patients need to understand that the impaired skin elasticity frequently prevents the result from being quite as excellent as the patient and surgeon would desire because surgeons cannot improve the underlying quality of skin. It is important for a plastic surgeon to notice the quality of the patient's skin and incorporate that into the surgical plan as well as to help the patient understand before surgery the sort of result he or she is likely to achieve.

    Finally, some, but not all, massive weight loss patients have significant medical issues that need to be considered, such as diabetes, hypertension, skin rashes, nutritional deficiencies, and sleep apnea, among others. To be safe, such patients should consult with plastic surgeons experienced with helping plastic surgical patients with these problems. Dr. Teitelbaum and his nursing staff excel at managing these medical issues.

    Dr. Teitelbaum's expertise in Tummy Tuck Surgery

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    Dr. Teitelbaum has performed hundreds of tummy tucks since the early 1990s and continues to do so on a regular basis. He has authored peer-reviewed journal articles, written two recent plastic surgery textbook chapters on abdominoplasty, and has made presentations on tummy tucks at meetings of plastic surgeons.

    Dr. Teitelbaum has been a leader in writing about the high lateral tension abdominoplasty. This technique, while being more difficult to understand, is known for achieving a more natural improvement to the entire trunk as well as the thighs. Years ago, Dr. Teitelbaum visited the surgeon who invented this technique to learn its nuances and master its execution.

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    Dr. Teitelbaum openly discusses with patients both the amount of improvement they are likely to get as well as the extent of scars necessary to achieve their desired look. While the results are magnificent, he believes a patient should be given substantial opportunity to think about and then decide on what she wants.

    As a long-term member of a plastic society's task force on emerging trends, Dr. Teitelbaum is aware of every new innovation in plastic surgery. There has been a cavalcade of high tech devices that claim to tighten skin or remove fat without surgery, and patients are naturally interested in these procedures. However, until they offer the results that patients are expecting, Dr. Teitelbaum will protect his patients from dashed hopes, lost money, and potential health hazards.

    For these reasons, Dr. Teitelbaum is lauded as offering among the best tummy tucks Los Angeles patients can obtain. His stunning, personalized results draw patients from not just Santa Monica, but from all of California and beyond.

    What to expect from the surgery

    Your abdominoplasty treatment generally takes between 1 and 3 hours, and is most often performed under general anesthesia.

    A full tummy tuck usually entails a hip-to-hip incision that gives the doctor access to excise troublesome fat deposits and excess skin from the belly. Usually another incision is made at the belly button. Once the skin is lifted, the separated abdominal muscles are revealed. Dr. Teitelbaum can then tighten these so that your abdomen is flatter, tighter, and more attractively contoured.

    The mini tummy tuck, which is discussed in depth on an additional page, results in less downtime and less discomfort, but only targets the area of the torso that lies between the navel and the pubic zone. If this region is where you tend to accumulate unwanted and stubborn fat deposits, the mini tummy tuck may be just the solution you've been seeking. Dr. Teitelbaum approaches the mini and full tummy tucks as procedures at opposite ends of a spectrum with an infinite array of options in between. So rather than just offering patients one of two tummy tuck procedures, he suggests various customized options to suit their anatomic needs and the results they want.

    There is also a third option called the reverse tummy tuck. This procedure can help to eradicate sagging skin and fat that lies above the belly button. The incision is made beneath the breast crease, which often means that the same incision can be reused to perform breast surgery, cutting down on recovery time and lessening scarring.


    Tummy tuck recovery is not insignificant, and you should be able to set aside two to three weeks before expecting to really be back to usual activities. For the first night or two, patients typically stay in a recovery center. That way they can have the comfort of a hospital bed, their meals and medication brought to them, and the option of getting a pain shot rather than just a pill.

    Your good recovery is a major priority for Dr. Teitelbaum and he spares no expense, effort, or technology to give you the easiest experience possible. This begins with the anesthesiologist and the outstanding medications and techniques they use. It includes injections of special medicines while you are asleep that can block nerves for a few days. In most situations, patients do not need to have a drain that leads to additional scars, discomfort and inconvenience during the healing. Rest assured that everything to increase your comfort will be done.

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