Otoplasty on children is always done with a general anesthesia. By the time their ears are developed enough to undergo the procedure their anesthetic risk is very low.

Adults have a choice between local and general anesthesia, or what is called monitored-anesthetic-care, in which the patient is sedated by an anesthesiologist but given local anesthesia.

Some patients simply want to go to sleep and not think about it. Others want to stay awake, and Dr. Teitelbaum is expert at gently providing the nerve blocks that can quickly make the ear numb. So in either case the surgery can be done with comfort.

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A Message from Dr. Teitelbaum concerning COVID-19 View Update Online Consultation

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

We’re Still Open… well, sort of.

While we have not resumed regularly scheduled office hours, Vicki and Dr. Teitelbaum are nearby and available for past and current patients at 310.315.1121.

While we are all sheltering at home, Dr. Teitelbaum is offering everyone the same phone and video consultations he has always done for out-of-town patients. He expects to be operating again soon.

You may also reach Vicki at [email protected] . Stay safe.

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