Eleventh and twelfth grade have long been popular times for rhinoplasty. For many teenagers, the nose has stopped growing by that point. If surgery is done before growth has been complete, then there can be interference in remaining growth. And until the face has finished most of its growth, it is difficult to determine whether the nose will need to have surgery.

The other important factors is that attractiveness and self-esteem rise in their importance at that age, and a rhinoplasty can give a much needed boost to many teenagers.

It is not enough for a teen to have a deformity for Dr. Teitelbaum to offer them a rhinoplasty. They have to demonstrate the emotional maturity to articulate why they want the surgery and the benefits that they believe will accrue.

For all patients—and for teens in particular—Dr. Teitelbaum does not like to "de-ethnicize" his patients. Putting a "small and perfect" nose will not look attractive on all faces. His goal is to make his patients look gorgeous and most of all, to feel self-confident.

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