Dr. Teitelbaum will work with you during your Los Angeles breast implant removal consultation to decide the best course of action for your needs. He offers outstanding techniques in breast implant removal that patients can trust and rely upon.

Improving the breast shape after implant removal

Dr. Teitelbaum is always attentive to the breast shape and position after implant removal. He is careful to address sagging skin, and may recommend a mastopexy (breast lift) to rejuvenate an ailing silhouette. The doctor is highly skilled at minimizing scarring for this procedure so that your breasts look youthful and all-natural.

Breast Implant Removal Los Angeles

Dealing with complications

On occasion, breast implants may leak, rupture or deflate. When this is the case, patients may feel worried that if they do not replace the implant, their breasts won’t look attractive anymore. This is not necessarily the case. In the hands of a talented surgeon such as Dr. Teitelbaum, you can expect gorgeous, seamless results that you may enjoy just as much as you once did the implants.

Naturally if the client requires breast implant revision rather than strict implant removal, Dr. Teitelbaum is more than qualified to perform this procedure as well.

Moving forward

If you are eager to get started with breast implant removal in Los Angeles, the first step is to see Dr. Teitelbaum for a private consultation. During this time, the doctor will examine your breasts, take note of prior surgeries and your medical history, answer your questions, and present you with an in-depth plan of action for moving forward with the breast implant removal process.

Clients leave the consultation feeling fully informed and educated, and knowing what they can expect from the procedure in terms of how their breasts will look, feel and act after the implants are gone. The doctor can show you before and after photographs for this treatment, and can also show you how you might look in the future using our state-of-the-art 3D imaging software.

Recovery and results

The typical resting period for breast implant removal surgery is several days. The doctor will outfit you with a special surgical bra that will facilitate your healing. Should you experience any soreness, bruising or swelling, pain medications will be provided to you.

While most clients can return to work and normal activities after 2-3 days, don’t hesitate to take more time off if you feel your body requires it.

Heavy lifting, aerobics and other vigorous exercises should be suspended for at least 21 days. In general, take care not to place too much stress or strain on the upper body as your chest recuperates.

Remember that while improvements in terms of size difference will be visible immediately, it may take up to several months to view your final results of the surgery, as scars slowly fade and swelling subsides.

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