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  • Dr. Teitelbaum went to Kansas City to learn from the modern pioneer of post-bariatric plastic surgery, the late Dr. Ted Lockwood. He then went on to become one of the first plastic surgeons in Los Angeles to perform contemporary body lifting surgery. He has since had many male and female patients from around the country thrilled about how Dr. Teitelbaum could "put the icing on the cake" of their phenomenal weight loss successes.

    Dec. 2, 2014: Two months ago I had an incredibly successful body lift surgery with Dr. Teitelbaum, after losing about 70lbs through diet and exercise. I am completely thrilled with the result, and every day I look in the mirror I am shocked and overjoyed at the beautiful body he has sculpted for me. I'll let the pictures tell the full story. I've yo-yod in my weight my whole life, but about 5 years ago I gained weight rapidly after a really difficult year. This surgery was the final chapter of my journey back to health: the part of the weight loss journey that I couldn't do on my own.

    Many patients who have lost a large amount of weight still don't have the body they expected. They worked hard and are eager to enjoy a new great body, but unfortunately the skin often doesn't want to cooperate. Dr. Teitelbaum is very sympathetic to the plight of these patients and wants to help them fix what weight loss alone couldn't.

    Surgery After Weight Loss

    Plastic surgery can be life changing for these patients. Folds, rolls, and excessive skin can be removed. They will become tighter, smoother, and leaner. They will feel more confident and look better both in and out of their clothes. The distinction between a "cosmetic" and a "reconstructive" procedure is a largely semantic distinction. But there is no question in Dr. Teitelbaum's mind that the problem he fixes in these situations amounts to reconstructive surgery.

    After helping many patients with these issues, Dr. Teitelbaum believes it is important to emphasize not just the benefit of surgery, but its shortcomings as well. Dr. Teitelbaum has seen patients who — despite great surgery — are still disappointed in stretch marks, fine lines, or irregularities in their skin. While these procedures remove redundant skin, they do not thicken, smooth, or in any way improve the quality of the remaining skin. He will evaluate your skin and explain how this issue pertains to you.

    Surgery After Weight Loss

    Expertise in Body Lift Surgery

    Dr. Teitelbaum trained in surgery at Harvard, and there he developed a strong sense that his primary responsibility to his patients is his being a physician first and foremost. Some weight loss patients have significant medical issues such as diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea, nutritional deficiencies, and others. Dr. Teitelbaum and his excellent staff are very experienced in successfully preparing patients with these sorts of medical problems for a safe and successful procedure.

    Surgery After Weight Loss

    As bariatric surgery such as Lap-Bands, gastric bypasses, and gastric sleeve surgery has grown, Dr. Teitelbaum has seen increasing numbers of patients for plastic surgery following massive weight loss. Many others seek plastic surgery after losing weight through a disciplined diet and exercise program.

    This early experience prompted Dr. Teitelbaum to visit the late Dr. Ted Lockwood in Kansas City, who was the pioneer of current plastic surgery techniques for patients who have lost significant amounts of weight. Dr. Teitelbaum also attended the very first plastic surgery meeting devoted exclusively to discussing post-bariatric plastic surgery.

    He has a very experienced and well-studied level of understanding about these problems and their solutions. He guides patients through their options with ease and clarity.

    Surgery After Weight Loss

    As much variability as there is between any patients having a particular problem, there is even more variability in patients who have lost large amounts of weight. Different amounts and distributions of weight gain and loss leads to unique situations for nearly every weight loss patient. This means that no two patients need exactly the same procedure or procedures. Dr. Teitelbaum’s experience with weight loss patients enables him to determine the ideal procedure. And since these problems affect multiple body areas, Dr. Teitelbaum’s experience is beneficial in deciding which procedures should be done together or separately.

    In March, 2010, I had Bariatric Surgery! My Gastric Sleeve procedure went very well and I have lost 115 lbs. However, I found that I had a new problem. I happily could go into a store and buy NORMAL size clothes for my new much smaller body only for below my waist. All tops, jackets, sweaters did not fit right. They fit me but not my saggy, baggy upper arms!!!

    In April, 2011, I went to Dr. Teitelbaum for help. He agreed to operate on my upper arms and remove all the excess skin and tissue. What a Relief!!! He did my surgery in April and after the period of healing, I now have pretty new tops, jackets and sweaters and I feel like a million bucks. I have lovely, new outfits that match instead of pieced together to allow for my arms. I am doing water aerobics and not wearing a long sleeve tee shirt to try and camouflage my saggy upper arms. I can even wear tank tops! The scars are not as well hidden as his usual scars but that is not possible due to location. He hid them as well as possible and no one has asked me about them!

    I would have the surgery again in a second. I had very little pain and the results are so worth it!

    Thanks, Dr. T!!!!

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