Meet The Staff At Dr. Teitelbaum's Office

Vicki Koplow

Surgical Coordinator

Vicki has worked in plastic surgery for eighteen years and has scheduled surgery for Dr. Teitelbaum since 2003. She is always busy not just with the many important details of helping patients choose a time for their surgery, but also with coordinating travel and hotel plans for out of town patients and with setting up phone or Skype consultations.

Meet The Staff At Dr. Teitelbaum's Office

Maria Sandoval

Front Office Coordinator

Maria has been in the medical industry for over 20 years. She feels lucky to have worked in different specialties with amazing doctors which has made her so knowledgeable in the overall field of medicine. She has managed offices and has surgical coordinating experience in plastic surgery which makes her a wonderful, well informed front office coordinator. She will most likely be the first person you meet when you arrive at our office and her positive energy and caring attitude will set the tone for your visit!

Meet The Staff At Dr. Teitelbaum's Office

Patti Rivera


Patti has been with Dr. Teitelbaum for the past 7 years. She is knowledgeable with all aspects of the office and is happy to assist patients with anything they need. She has a background in customer service which is fitting with her cheery, upbeat personality. Anything you need help with she is happy to assist.

Rita Moorman MD

Director of Anesthesia

Rita Moorman, MD has been Dr. Teitelbaum's Director of Anesthesia since he opened his surgery center in 1995. Dr. Moorman graduated from Louisiana State University Medical School in New Orleans at the top of her class. She then completed an Internal Medicine internship at Mount Auburn Hospital in Boston and her Anesthesia residency at Beth Israel Hospital in Boston. Dr. Moorman was then an Instructor in Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School before relocating to California. She was Director of Anesthesia and Chief of Cardiac Anesthesia at Long Beach Community Hospital for many years before joining Dr. Teitelbaum as his full time Director of Anesthesia. Dr. Moorman has more than 20 years experience as an anesthesiologist, is Board Certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology and ACLS certified.

Meet The Staff At Dr. Teitelbaum's Office

Jacqueline Ennis RN, BSN

OR Supervisor

Jackie has worked exclusively in plastic surgery for fourteen years and has run Dr. Teitelbaum’s operating room since 2005. She has many years of ICU and OR experience dating before that. She checks patients in the morning of surgery, helps patients in the recovery room, and oversees the daunting task of maintaining the maintenance of OR accreditation.

Meet The Staff At Dr. Teitelbaum's Office

Rita Alexakis RN, BSN

Surgical Scrub Nurse

Rita is our Registered Nurse who scrubs with Dr T on all his surgeries. Oftentimes offices use a surgical technician to perform this job. She has 44 years of Operating Room experience with 28 of those years exclusively in Plastic Surgery. She has worked with our team for the past 5 years.

Meet The Staff At Dr. Teitelbaum's Office

Yuri Rosales

Surgical Technician

Yuri has worked as Dr. Teitelbaum's instrument technician for 17 years. She is the one who keeps our operating room supplies stocked and all the instruments sterilized to the highest possible standards. Even though Yuri does not have much interaction with the patients she is a vital addition to our office.

Meet The Staff At Dr. Teitelbaum's Office

Nancy Bennett RN, BSN

Surgical Nurse

Nancy has worked with Dr. Teitelbaum for 18 years. Her nursing credentials are impeccable; after graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a Bachelors degree and a Registered Nurse degree she completed a Critical Care program. She has over 37 years experience in Intensive Care, Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) and operating room nursing with a focus on Cosmetic Plastic Surgery for the past 19.

Meet The Staff At Dr. Teitelbaum's Office

Michelle Walden RN, BSN

Michelle has a background in Intensive Care and Critical Care which makes her an exceptional operating room nurse and Post Operative Recovery Nurse. She has worked with Dr. Teitelbaum for 4 years.

Meet The Staff At Dr. Teitelbaum's Office

April Stocker RN

April is happy to be here to answer all of your questions and concerns before and after surgery. She is a knowledgeable, understanding Registered Nurse. She is respected by the staff and loved by the patients. People have commented that she is a "great team player" and "always positive with lots of energy". You can feel at ease with her to guide you through your surgery process.

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