Great liposuction results are always about the surgeon, not the technique ("It's the carpenter, not his tools"). However, the newness, or at least the word "laser," has made this topic part of the conversation for prospective liposuction patients.

Laser liposuction companies and physicians have promoted these devices based upon a number of assumptions that have either not been proved or are actually false. For instance, it is frequently claimed that there is less risk, that it is less invasive, that the recovery is quicker, or that the skin is tightened. None of these has been shown to be true and, in fact, terrible burns and excessive removal of fat have been seen with these sorts of devices.

The only thing we know about devices such as SmartLipo™ is that they are great marketing devices for the surgeons who use them. However, Dr. Teitelbaum only uses a technique because it is good for a patient. Not only have advantages to laser liposuction not been proven, but in fact there appears to be a greater chance of uncorrectable problems. A number of surgeons, Dr. Teitelbaum included, have seen numerous cases of very severe scarring from laser liposuction. Whether this is due to a problem inherent in the laser liposuction technology or to a widespread lack of technical expertise remains to be seen.

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Dr. Teitelbaum remains at the forefront of safe and effective technology. In the retail world, hype, gimmicks, and hoaxes only cost a person dollars. In the medical world, misleading information and less-than-scrupulous procedures can threaten a patient's health. Dr. Teitelbaum believes it is his role to protect patients in addition to providing them with effective techniques for beautiful results.

We want to think that the age of snake oil salesmen is gone, but in fact it continues today, backed by corporate largesse.

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