Chin augmentation is one of the most frequent facial procedures. While the nose is at the center of the face and perhaps the most prominent feature, the nose is balanced with the chin. And the chin has a profound effect on the appearance of the jaw and neck. The necks of men and women with longer chins always appear to age better than those with short chins.

So whether balancing the nose, strengthening the jaw, or improving the neck, a chin implant can create wonderful changes in a person’s appearance, all while in and of itself not being specifically noticed.

What is a chin augmentation?

A weak, small, or recessed chin can compromise the overall balance of the facial features and can sometimes cause the nose to appear larger than it actually is. Chin augmentation can be performed to help harmonize the profile and achieve a look that is aesthetically pleasing and inviting. The procedure helps add definition to the jawline and can also reduce the look of a double chin (submental fat.) Today, chin implants come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, so your results can be highly personalized and aligned with your unique goals for improvement.


Beautiful eyes are meant to be noticed, but a chin oftentimes is not a structure to be specifically recognized. Rather, it is an important part of a balanced and aesthetically beautiful face.

Dr. Teitelbaum takes a very different approach to women and men seeking chin augmentation. The chin needs to be smaller and softer in women. And while it should generally be larger and stronger in men, some men benefit from a more square and profound looking chin and others will still look best with a softer chin. Dr. Teitelbaum listens to each patient describe how they would like their chin to look. He will analyze their face and together with the patient discuss which approach they would like him to take.

With the many options in shape and size, Dr. Teitelbaum believes it is very important to create a chin that will be appropriate for each individual patient.


Dr. Teitelbaum has completed many chin augmentations as part of the large number of facial aesthetic procedures he has performed. For some patients, the chin implant was the only procedure they had done. But for most, the chin augmentation was done in combination with either a nose, neck, or facelift procedure.

Over the years, he has used chin implants made of silicone, Gortex™, and hydroxyapatite, in a variety of dimensions. Some have been long, wrapping widely around the chin. He has used very short implants that just create an augmentation in the very center, as well as every shape and size in between. He is also experienced and comfortable placing the implants through a very small incision inside of the mouth or from a small incision under the chin.

Drawing from this wide experience, Dr. Teitelbaum can offer each patient the best option for them.

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