Dr. Teitelbaum has a very broad and in-depth experience performing Asian breast augmentation in Los Angeles, on patients from a number of Asian countries. It is for this reason that he was invited to lecture on scars to an all Asian plastic surgeon audience at the Asian Breast Aesthetic Symposium, which took place in Malaysia. Indeed, Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures and this has given Dr. Teitelbaum experience in a very wide range of Asian patients, perhaps more than even a doctor in a particular Asian country who would only see patients of that nation’s ethnicity.

While African-American patients have the biggest reputation for poor scarring, Asian patients may be at even greater risk. Fortunately, the chances of a bad scar are still small.

Dr. Teitelbaum takes particular steps during Asian breast augmentation to try to reduce the chances of a poor quality scar. The incision is made and closed with the greatest care and the incision is hidden under the crease of the breast so that even a bad scar would be concealed.

During his discussions with Asian plastic surgeons, he has learned that the nipple incision is really not used in Asia because the scar has a tendency to darken, leaving patients with an enlarged and irregular areola, with what can seem like a “smiley face” along the bottom of the areola from the scar.

Some breast augmentation surgeons suggest the underneath the breast scar and others the armpit scar. But in warmer climates where women will wear clothing with exposed arms, the underneath incision is preferred. And in the last year articles have been published which show the armpit incision to have a higher rate of capsular contracture and improperly positioned implants, so that reason alone is making the underneath incision the prudent choice for women everywhere.

Asian Breast Augmentation Los Angeles

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