As a matter of philosophy, Dr. Teitelbaum will not mention an area for surgery that a patient did not himself or herself specifically request. The only exception to that rule is the chin in patients requesting rhinoplasty. The nose and the chin act as sort of a seesaw across the lips. A small chin can make a normal-sized nose seem very large, and a large chin can make a very large nose seem balanced.

Dr. Teitelbaum is very interested in creating the proper overall facial proportions. If a small chin is left untreated, then a nose may have to be made very small to balance the chin; but then the nose may be too small for the whole face.

Even liposuction under the chin for some patients can give the illusion of a longer chin, and this in turn can improve the perceived balance of the face.

Chin implants now come in wonderful shapes that can lie directly against the bone and imperceptibly blend into the face. With modern computer simulations, Dr. Teitelbaum can demonstrate the benefits of chin augmentation for selected patients.

Rhinoplasty With Chin Implant

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