What is the most natural breast augmentation?

Natural Breast Augmentation Los Angeles

Many patients tell Dr. Teitelbaum that they had never considered breast augmentation in the mistaken belief that "you can always tell." But after seeing Dr. Teitelbaum's photos or having a friend with a beautiful result, they came to realize that the look they had wanted was attainable.

Hollywood has not exactly enjoyed a reputation for natural looking breasts, but Dr. Teitelbaum is changing that. In a 2012 issue of Allure magazine article, "The Influencers", Dr. Teitelbaum was noted as a plastic surgeon who is influencing the trends of beauty in Hollywood.

In these excerpts from the article, Dr. Teitelbaum helps define "natural" as it pertains to breasts, as well as how to achieve that look.

Breast Augmentation Photos

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