The feature that gives the strongest visual indication of overall body weight is the fullness of the neck and the area under the chin. For some patients these fat deposits are incongruous with the rest of their bodies, suggesting that they are overweight when they are not. Even for some mildly overweight patients, a double chin can be disproportionate, making their problem appear worse than it is.

The good news is that submental liposuction is highly effective and predictable at creating or restoring a beautiful appearance to this area.

Submental liposuction is one of Dr. Teitelbaum’s favorite procedures because it is straightforward, safe, non-obvious, and yields a wonderful results in his patients’ appearances.

Dr. Teitelbaum knows that liposuction is this area does much more than remove fat for the sake of looking thinner. An issue both for men and women is having an acute "cervicomental angle," which is the angle the under-the-chin area makes with the front of the neck. This should be a relatively sharp transition, and excess fat can blur this, thereby making the chin seem short.

Finally, our perception of youthful vitality is significantly affected by the delineation of the lower border of the jaw. When the distinction between face and neck is vague, the individual looks less healthy and athletic. It is a goal to make the neck and face two very distinct structures.

Liposuction under the chin, or "submental liposuction," removes the bulge and restores a nice distinction between the face and neck.

This should not be overdone. As we all grow older, fat can be lost in this area and the muscles of the neck can become more visible. Obscuring those muscles in the future by preserving some layer of fat is important to the ideal liposuction of the neck.

Dr. Teitelbaum has been doing liposuction of the submental region since 1995 on many hundreds of patients. He has achieved terrific results using local anesthesia, IV sedation, and general anesthesia. He will discuss which of these is most beneficial for your situation and desires.

He has used syringe, power, ultrasonic, and standard liposuction to this region and understands the values of each of these methods for each patient.

Dr. Teitelbaum achieves wonderful and attractive recontourings of the neck that result in dramatic improvements for many patients.

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