Dr. Steven Teitelbaum is an acclaimed plastic surgeon, professor, lecturer and author, and current President of the California Society of Plastic Surgery. His extraordinary surgical skills and depth of experience has made him one of the most sought-after plastic surgeons in the Los Angeles area. He has dedicated his professional life to the advancement of the science of plastic surgery, along with advocating for the rights of plastic surgery patients.

If you are struggling with the appearance of saggy neck tissue and skin that makes you look older and less attractive, your look can be restored with neck lift surgery. This surgical procedure must be performed with delicacy, attention to detail, and with the use of the most advanced surgical techniques to achieve a smooth, very natural, more youthful look.

Incision Options in a Neck Lift

Every individual has a unique physiology. The neck area can start to show the signs of aging early for some patients, while others may not see sagging skin and tissue, vertical bands, or excess fat beneath the chin until the 40s, 50s, or later. Each patient should have a customized surgical procedure to resolve the aesthetic problems of an aging neck. For some patients, a traditional neck lift is appropriate, while others can achieve the improvements they envision with a limited incision neck lift.

  • Traditional Neck Lift: The incision is positioned in the hairline below the ear structure, travels around the ear, and ends behind the ear. Dr. Teitelbaum uses the utmost care in placing incisions so his patients are not left with unsightly visible scars. In the surgical procedure, fatty deposits are accessed and re-sculpted. The tissue beneath the neck skin is repositioned and the muscle structure tightened, reducing the appearance of any vertical bands. Some patients may require an incision for liposuction and muscle repair beneath the chin to restore a youthful, defined jawline.
  • Limited Incision Neck Lift: This procedure has a shorter incision, placed around the ear. For a patient who does not have the most severe signs of aging, the limited incision procedure may be appropriate.

Results of a Neck Lift

While you may have seen a person who obviously had a neck lift, this is not the goal. A professionally-performed neck lift surgery not only resolves the aesthetic problems of saggy skin, tissue, excess fat, and vertical bands, but looks natural, smooth, and youthful. The success of neck lift surgery and how natural the final appearance will be a direct result of skills of your plastic surgeon.

Dr. Teitelbaum is a recognized authority on facial plastic surgery, and educates surgeons entering the field. If your neck is looking saggy, droopy, and unattractive, we invite you to have a private consultation with our accomplished plastic surgeon to discuss a neck lift. The results of the surgery include:

  • A youthful, defined look to the jawline
  • No more loosened, saggy skin affecting neck appearance
  • Tightening of muscle structure to address vertical muscle bands
  • Removal of excess fat and tissue for a tighter, firmer look

Neck Lift Recovery

After a neck lift, depending upon the type of procedure, you will need to plan for sufficient time to heal and recover. The full results may not be achieved until about six months have passed, but visible improvements will be evident within a few short weeks.

Neck lift surgery requires plenty of time to rest and recover. Some patients may be candidates for what is termed a “rapid recovery protocol” for a faster recovery, and the ability to return to work within about a week. Swelling and bruising is usually greatly reduced, and any residual discoloration can be hidden with makeup. For a more extensive surgical intervention, plan on taking at least two weeks off work for recovery.

Neck Lift FAQ

If you are tired of seeing sagging neck skin and tissue, a double chin, or your neck has lost its youthful definition, a neck lift may be the appropriate procedure. Our patients have certain common questions we have answered to help you better understand the procedure, and what to expect.

At what age should you get a neck lift?

Every person is different. Some are blessed with skin that stays firm and supple into the 40s or 50s, while others see the neck beginning to sag and droop in the early 30s. Much of what happens is the result of genetics. If a parent has an unsightly double chin, you are likely to face the same problem. Luckily, something can be done about it, and you don’t have to live with it. Whether you are in your 30s, 40s, 50s, or older, if you have drooping, sagging skin, a double chin, or vertical bands, it can be resolved with this surgical procedure.

Will a facelift tighten the skin on my neck?

For some patients, a facelift is enough to create a smoother look to the neck and jaw. Some patients can achieve beautiful results with a facelift in conjunction with liposuction to remove excess fat under the chin. Every patient is different, and only a full evaluation of your face and skin structure will answer whether this will be true in your case. For many patients, a facelift will produce superior results, and may be a more effective way to successfully treat sagging neck skin, tissue, and excess fat.

Why is the surgical skill of your doctor so critical?

When performing any facial surgery, it requires more than education to produce the most beautiful result – it takes an eye for balance, beauty, and technical precision. Incision placement is an important issue, as no patient wants to be left with visible scars. When considering a neck lift, it is critical that you choose a surgeon who is respected as an authority in the field of plastic surgery and can show you many images of patients who have undergone a neck lift procedure, so you can evaluate the real-world results.

Will I need a hospital stay?

Neck lift surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, and in almost all cases, does not require a hospital stay. You will be sedated during the procedure. The time required to perform a neck lift will vary, based upon the degree of improvement needed. Once completed, after a short period of rest, the patient can return home to rest and recover. You will need to arrange a friend or family member to drive you home and stay with you for the first night, as with any surgery.

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