With Menopause fat just sticks to the belly and love handles, even vigorous exercise can prove to be ineffective.

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In our twenties most of us can attain the body we want with good exercise and a disciplined diet. Our skin is tight and elastic, we have endless energy, our metabolisms are high, and our hormones are balanced. We believe if we put in the work we will be rewarded with satisfying results. But, as we hit our forties and fifties, no matter how hard we try, our hormones prevent us from getting them.

Dr. Teitelbaum’s website featured a section dedicated to moms long before anyone started using the term “mommy makeover”. Many of his patients were healthy and fit moms whose babies made changes to their body that no amount of exercise or diet could correct. He saw a parallel between what was happening to their breasts and tummies: they both got stretched, deflated, and loosened. Just as he saw what happens to a new moms body, he saw what happens to the female body after menopause.

Like mommyhood changes a women’s waist and breasts in ways that are beyond her control, so too does menopause change the body. While mommyhood creates deflation and laxity, menopause may be more characterized by increased breast size and a widening of the waist. The change of hormones simply affects where the body distributes fat and the fat becomes resistant to even ardent attempts at weight loss. Plastic surgery during menopause may be addressing one part of the body. Some may be happy with the size of their breasts but simply need a lift; others may feel their breasts are too heavy, large, droopy or wide, and they need a reduction along with a lift. For those who have implants they may choose to have them removed entirely, sometimes replaced with fat from their body, possibly replaced with a smaller implant, or sometimes with nothing replaced at all. For others the stomach might be the area most affected by the change in hormones. Maybe the tummy has widened, the skin has become looser, and that stubborn fat is just not going away. A tummy tuck might be the answer, or possibly liposuction, or perhaps a combination of the two. Many women find that both areas of the body are of concern during menopause and fortunately these procedures can be performed together.

While some may have been focused on raising a family, others pursuing a career, and some doing both… menopause happened! For those who dieted and exercised like crazy and for those who didn’t, it doesn’t matter, menopause brings changes out of ones’ control. When you are ready, you and Dr. Teitelbaum will create a plan tailored to your body.

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