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Skype or FaceTime consults have been very helpful for Dr. Teitelbaum's many patients who live outside of the Los Angeles area.

How long do I need to be in Los Angeles after plastic surgery with Dr. Teitelbaum?

Procedures such as liposuction, breast augmentation, and gynecomastia in Los Angeles will typically require less than a week. With a facelift or breast augmentation revision surgery, ten days would be a typical length of time to stay here. A tummy tuck requires about two weeks, and a body lift even longer. These are just estimates. The amount of time Dr. Teitelbaum will ask an individual patient to stay in Los Angeles depends upon issues such as age and health, the extent of the surgery being done, how far away the patient lives, and whether there is good medical care where the patient lives.

What pre-operative tests are necessary?

Preoperative tests are dependent upon a patient's age, health, and the procedure being done. Dr. Teitelbaum's office will inform you of exactly what you will need to have done.

When is it okay to fly?

There is nothing about being in an airplane that causes any sort of a problem. It is just important that you not carry heavy bags or do anything to strain yourself. The length of time one needs to wait to fly is purely a matter of discomfort and the instructions Dr. Teitelbaum gives about recovery.

Can I come to Santa Monica alone for plastic surgery?

Many patients travel with their spouse, friend, parent, or child. But an equal number of patients come here alone. In such cases, it is required for them to stay at an aftercare facility for at least one night. For tummy tucks and facelifts, additional night(s) are usually desirable. It is most convenient to then stay next door at the Ambrose Hotel, though many patients prefer going to the more exclusive hotels either alone or with a private duty nurse.

Why should I travel for surgery?

It is expensive and inconvenient to travel for surgery. But the main reason for doing it is if you believe that there isn't a surgeon in your hometown that will give you the result that you want. Side benefits are that it is a chance to get away from the commotion and demands of home, and that recovery in such a circumstance can be more relaxing. Dr. Teitelbaum sees patients from Canada, Alaska and other far off locations; patients who know Dr. Teitelbaum know he would deliver the results they desired.

What happens if I get a complication when I get home?

It is important to realize that this can happen, and it represents a very valid and thoughtful reason to not travel for surgery. While these sorts of problems are rare, major issues such as infection or even late bleeding can occur. These may require frequent doctor visits or even a trip back to the OR to correct, at a significant cost. More minor issues such as an irritation from a stitch can occur. Dr. Teitelbaum is friendly with plastic surgeons in many cities around the world, and as colleagues they take care of each other's patients if issues arrive during travel. Dr. Teitelbaum speaks to his out of town patients about this, and indeed it is an issue that needs to be discussed.

Do I need to come back for follow-up in the future?

It is unusual that an in-person follow-up is actually required after plastic surgery. Most questions can be answered via Skype, the telephone, or email. Dr. Teitelbaum wants his out of town patients to have the same access to him as does his local patients, and he therefore makes an effort for all patients to visit his office for short and longterm follow-up if at all possible.

What local hotels are available?

A complete listing of local hotels is available on this website. Options range from a Best Western to some of the most glamorous hotels in the world.

View Our Recommended Hotels

When do I see Dr. Teitelbaum before surgery?

He will do an initial telephone or Skype consultation with you. After your surgery date is set, he can speak with you again on the phone if you have anything more you would like to discuss. He will then see you when you get into town, usually a day or two before surgery. If your surgery needs an implant of any type, he will need to see you no later than midday the day before your scheduled surgery to be sure that the implants can be ordered for delivery the next morning. Of course he will also see you in the morning of surgery. If there are several options for your surgery that are difficult to choose between then you should plan on arriving a few days earlier or even making a separate trip out.

Can the pre-operative tests be done in my hometown?

It is actually best that any laboratory tests, EKG's, X-Rays, or pre-surgical clearance be done in your hometown well in advance of surgery. That way any abnormal tests can be evaluated in a relaxed manner. And it also will facilitate your having a relationship with a local doctor if you do not already have one. And if you do have your own physician, at least they will know what you were going to do so they will therefore be more familiar with the issues in case you need to ask them a question when you return home.

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