After losing large amounts of weight, many patients are still frustrated by laxity and drooping of the thighs and buttock. A lower body lift can raise and tighten the buttocks, outer thigh, and some of the front of the thigh. However, it does little to improve looseness low on the thigh and it does not help the inner thigh at all.

Loose skin in the inner thigh alone can be improved with an inner thigh lift, which involves an incision in the groin at the very top of the inner thighs. This can remove loose skin and cellulite at the very top of the inner thigh, but it does not create substantial differences farther down the thigh. Pulling hard enough with this incision to try to make a notable change in the lower thighs often results in substantial deformation of the genitalia and is ill advised.

For laxity that extends to the knee, a thigh lift is done with an incision that goes all the way down the inner thigh. Though the scar is long, it allows for ideal tightening and re-contouring of the thigh. It is a real life-changer for many patients, and they are among Dr. Teitelbaum’s happiest patients. No scar is ever invisible, but these scars typically do fade. In any case, the enormous leg narrowing and tightening from this procedure is thrilling to many patients.

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Dr. Teitelbaum was a member of the national plastic surgery task force that developed the Covid-19 protocols for plastic surgery offices. He is therefore well-versed in all of the recommendations and his office meets or exceeds all of them. By now you are familiar with all the obvious measures such as reminding patients and staff not to come to the office if they have any symptoms, taking temperatures, maintaining social distancing, having everyone wear masks, placing hand sanitizers everywhere, reducing the number of patients in the office at one time, testing all surgical patients, etc. One unique feature is that Dr. Teitelbaum’s operating room has "laminar flow" – a very advanced system that directs the flow of air from a large diffuser on the ceiling to exhausts near the floor, ensuring that the fresh air flows in one direction. This not only reduces the chance of COVID infections for the patients and staff, but it also reduces the risk of surgical infections.

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