There are three things Dr. Teitelbaum considers when performing otoplasty: First is the distance the ear should protrude from the face, which is always the predominant request of otoplasty patients. But ears lying too flat against the head are also unattractive, so Dr. Teitelbaum measures the ears very carefully in multiple places to determine the ideal position.

Second is that the ears create a frame for the face, and the ear position needs to be slightly different in everyone. This relates to the proportions of the head such as whether a face is narrow or wide.

Finally, the ear itself should have an exquisite shape. It should not have sharp angles, the lines that outline the ear should flow gracefully, and there should be a harmonious balance between all the component parts of the ear. The goal of otoplasty is to create an ear that is at the beautiful but totally unnoticed consciously.

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