In some women there is a bulge of fat just in front of the armpit, above and to the side of the breast itself. Even when small, this can frustrate women because it can create an annoying bulge to the side of their bra strap. This fat pocket can exist even in very thin women, and it’s presence can make the chest look wider and create the appearance of a depression in between it and the end of the breast.

Upper or Outer Breast Liposuction

Fortunately this can be substantially reduced with liposuction. This can be done on its own, with a breast augmentation, a lift, or a reduction.

Even the removal of a small amount of this fat can create a substantial contour improvement, allowing patients to not just look better in a wider variety of clothing, but to feel more comfortable as well.

This patient also had removal of hardened implants and placement of new implants. The photo also demonstrates that the bulge in this area is reduced but not eliminated. But any bulge on the outside of a bra strap is distressing for women, and just reducing it makes a big difference for them.

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