Remarkably, over 85% of our patients return to their normal activities within one day after breast augmentation surgery. Why is this recovery so different?

About ten years ago, Dr. Teitelbaum learned a new, more advanced, technique pioneered by John Tebbetts, MD of Dallas, Texas. With more complete preoperative planning, better understanding of subtleties of anatomy, and fastidious attention to surgical detail, the technique results in a more precise, bloodless, and faster operation, which in turn leads to a significantly faster and more comfortable recovery. With less anesthesia and irritation, patients are moving soon after surgery, no longer need drains or special bras, and are able to shower and go out to dinner the night of surgery.

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Can Dr. T do it? His ability to deliver this result was documented in 2013 in the most respected plastic surgery journal.

Within a few days, patients are driving and returning to work. Why would you subject yourself to a longer and more uncomfortable recovery?