Dr. Teitelbaum frequently does submental liposuction with his facelifts. But he is very careful to be sure that there is an adequate thickness of fat and thickness of skin for this to be beneficial. The goal of a facelift is to look younger. But liposuction does not necessarily make someone look younger; it really makes someone look thinner. To the extent a facelift patient looks too heavy because of neck fat, then Dr. Teitelbaum will do neck liposuction with his facelifts. But far too often we see people who had too much neck liposuction with their facelift. In these cases, the neck can look skeletonized with excessive visibility of muscle bands. And if there isn’t enough of a fat layer just beneath the surface of the skin to support it, fine lines and wrinkles can look worse. Dr. Teitelbaum understands these issues and can be relied upon to suggest what will make each patient look best in these situations.

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