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  • Removal of skin

    In all cases, a breast lift requires removal of some amount of skin. The amount and location of that removal depends upon the breasts' shape. That is why some lift scars just go around the areola; some around the areola and down to the bottom; and others around the areola, down to the bottom, and across the bottom. All patients and surgeons want to shorten the scar, but the most important decision about the scar is selecting the one that will create the most beautiful breast shape. Dr. Teitelbaum excels at using the variety of breast lift - mastopexy techniques to reshape gorgeous breasts during your breast lift in Los Angeles.

    What does a breast lift entail?

    Plastic surgeons use the term "breast lift" to describe a vast array of procedures for patients with very different problems. The formal medical term for a breast lift is a "mastopexy." A lift can be a small elevation of the nipple, a reduction in size of the areola, a generalized tightening of loose breast skin, or a general lift of breasts that have fallen far south and are "pancaked" against the chest. The core concept regarding a lift is that the breast volume remains fundamentally the same: a lift is a reshaping or lifting of existing volume to create a more attractive breast.

    Breast Lift Los Angeles

    Are breast implants needed during breast lifts?

    There is a myth that an implant is needed with the breast lift in order to create a nice shape. This is not true. A good lift can give an excellent shape, and an implant is only necessary for the patient wishing to go larger. Some patients who need a mastopexy because of their extensive laxity get an implant instead.

    While it is entirely understandable to not want the scars, trying to substitute an implant for a needed lift only worsens the problem. An implant does not correct droopiness. In fact, adding weight to such a breast, at best, only worsens the droopiness, and in order to adequately fill a lax breast envelope it may require making the patient take a larger implant than she wishes.

    Dr. Teitelbaum's goal in mastopexy surgery is to create the most attractive breast shape possible for that patient. He is meticulous in his suturing in an effort to create the best scars.

    However, no matter what technique is used, some patients simply will not make good scars. A breast lift is a trade-off between shape and scar. Each patient has to decide for herself what is right for her. Dr. Teitelbaum is sensitive to these issues and he will explain how various techniques for breast lifting balance shape with scar.

    Dr. Teitelbaum performs his surgical breast lift in Los Angeles all the time, and over several decades he has performed hundreds of breast lifts. He follows all of his patients carefully, and this attentiveness is of particular importance with breast lift surgery. There are two reasons for this: breasts change with time from the effects of gravity, aging, and hormones. The second reason is that some lift techniques last longer than others. Putting these two issues together, it is clear that experience and a thoughtful approach is very important in order to help new patients decide what lift is most likely to give them the results they strive to achieve.

    Mastopexy types

    Dr. Teitelbaum performs every type of breast lift operation, including the:

    • Crescent
    • Donut
    • Benelli
    • Lollipop
    • Vertical
    • Wise Pattern
    • Anchor
    • Circumareolar
    • Others

    He sees a role for each and will explain to you the risks and benefits of the methods as they pertain to you.

    Wise pattern/anchor lift

    This is a traditional approach to the breast lift that achieves excellent results for many of Dr. Teitelbaum's Los Angeles clients, especially those who may be undergoing a breast reduction surgery in tandem with their lift.

    An incision is made that first traces the nipple, then runs vertically down the breast, and finally runs along the underside of the breast at its crease. This technique is well-suited to those with considerable breast ptosis (sagging), as it gives the surgeon ample access to address drooping skin and lax fatty tissue.

    Scarring is most visible with this type of lift. However, thanks to Dr. Teitelbaum's precision and conservation, scars are minimized and will fade nicely over the weeks and months that follow. In any case, these scars can be made invisible underneath a bikini or bra. Incision technique is part and parcel with delivering the best breast lift Los Angeles provides, as the ability to lessen scar appearance is an invaluable skill.

    Vertical lift/lollipop lift

    Here the incision mimics the anchor lift, minus the final cut at the inframammary fold. The point of the vertical lift is to help women with only a moderate amount of breast ptosis to avoid extra scarring if it's not needed. The lollipop incision gives the doctor all the access he needs in order to reposition and beautify the breast.

    Benelli lift/circumareolar lift/periareolar lift/donut lift

    This lift makes use of a circular incision that traces the nipple's edge, and it is most often employed when the main focus of the lift is to elevate the areola complex for a perkier look. Women with only minor breast ptosis will find this approach adequate, while those with more severe sagging will need a different method. Breast and nipple projection is minimized with the circumareolar lift, while scarring is well-hidden in the darker pigmentation of the areola complex.

    Crescent lift

    This is the least invasive type of breast lift, but it also has the most limited results. An incision is made around the top crescent of the nipple to improve its position, elevating it for a more youthful aesthetic, and also ensuring the nipples are symmetrical. While used less regularly, this is a good technique if the patient is also undergoing breast augmentation.

    Breast lift details

    You will undergo your Los Angeles breast lift procedure at an accredited outpatient medical facility under either general anesthesia or twilight sedation, depending on what you and the doctor decide is best. A breast lift takes approximately 2 hours, but can take longer if performed in conjunction with a breast reduction or breast augmentation.

    Breast Lift Scars

    Everyone getting a breast lift wants to have the shortest scar, the best quality scar, and the best breast shape possible. Sometimes, all three goals are achievable with one lift type, but more often there is some give and take. For instance, in most situations a scar that is just around the areola results in the shortest scar, but it is often the widest scar as well with the least ability to project the breast. (Even still, it also sometimes gives the best result in some situations.)

    Since Dr. Teitelbaum performs all the different types of mastopexy procedures in conjunction with a breast augmentation, he can help you sort through your options to find what will give you the result you want based on the shape of your breasts. If you are looking for exquisite, youth-enhancing results in a breast lift, Santa Monica based surgeon Dr. Teitelbaum is among your best choices.

    After surgery

    After your breast reduction in our Santa Monica surgical facility, Dr. Teitelbaum will fit you with a compression garment, which is prescribed to minimize swelling and hasten your recovery. While swelling, pain, discomfort and soreness are all to be expected to some degree, the doctor will make sure you are at peace, offering you pain medication as needed and desired. After one or two days, you will only need to take a few Tylenol to stay comfortable.

    Breast lift patients should anticipate resting in bed for at least the first two days, and to sleep on their backs for at least 2 weeks while the chest heals. The head can be elevated with soft pillows that make this sleeping position more comfortable.

    A full return to work and normal activities can be expected within 7-14 days, however rigorous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for up to six weeks post-op. Remember that wearing a bra with a wire in it should be undertaken only after at least 2 months.


    Results will vary from patient to patient, but overall a breast lift will reverse unsightly sagging and create a more positive self-image for the average client. It's important to note that aging, weight gain or loss, and pregnancy may negatively affect the breast lift results, so bear these facts in mind when pursuing the surgery. If you plan to become pregnant for instance, it may be best to wait on your breast lift.

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