Dr. Steven Teitelbaum a highly-respected board-certified plastic surgeon in Los Angeles who has performed male to female transgender top surgery for over two decades. His depth of understanding of the process goes far beyond the usual – he is deeply aware of the significant – and subtle differences – for a successful MTF top surgery vs. performing a similar procedure on a CIS patient.

The goal of MTF top surgery is to sculpt beautiful, natural-looking breasts. Dr. Teitelbaum employs an innovative surgical technique that has proven to be far superior to what is used in CIS breast augmentation. To create beautiful, feminine breasts, he uses an anatomically shaped breast implant, stabilized with a reinforcing strip of absorbable mesh placed at the crease beneath the breast.

Beautiful Breasts: Artistry and Surgical Skill Beyond the Ordinary

This approach creates a natural breast appearance, with the upper breast contoured, and delicately feathering from upper chest, with increased projection on the lower breast – just as nature dictates. Your breasts are a critical aspect of your transition and Dr. Teitelbaum understands the importance of sculpting a beautiful, natural, feminine upper body.

One of the issues that has proven to be difficult for some plastic surgeons attempting this procedure surrounds nipple location. Problems are, unfortunately, far too common in MTF top surgery. The nipple location is altered in surgery, but as time passes, the implant drifts lower, and the nipple structure now looks wrong.

Dr. Teitelbaum was asked to present his innovative surgical technique MTF top surgery at the 2018 Atlanta Breast Symposium – the largest plastic surgery meeting in the world focused strictly upon breast surgeries.

Sensitive to the Needs of the Transgender Community

Dr. Teitelbaum and his staff take great pride in assisting the transgender community to achieve their authentic bodies. He and his staff are pleased to help patients who are transitioning, and are sensitive to their unique fears, concerns, hopes, and dreams. The truth is that transgender patients typically seek a very natural and feminine augmentation – as if they had naturally moved through female puberty.

It is untrue that transgender patients seek disproportionately large breasts. Our patients communicate that their greatest concern is that the breasts look natural, balanced, and proportionate to the rest of the body as the primary concern.

Why Choose Dr. Teitelbaum for Transgender Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Teitelbaum is one of the most respected plastic surgeons serving Los Angeles area. He has achieved a reputation for surgical excellence, based upon his outstanding skills – including when performing transgender breast augmentation. As reported in Allure, “he produces astonishingly natural results.” He is an Associate Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at UCLA School of Medicine, (Advanced Level Resident Instructor), and a widely-sought speaker, educator, patient advocate and innovator. His interest in transgender breast augmentation spans two decades, and he is responsible for developing a superior, cutting-edge surgical technique for MTF top surgery.


Your MTF top surgery in Los Angeles, with Dr. Teitelbaum, involves far more than CIS breast augmentation. Various issues must be addressed with consummate surgical skill to sculpt a look that has a natural, fresh, feminine appearance. The concept is to produce an upper chest that appears absolutely feminine in every detail, from form, to shape, to weight, to appearance. Dr. Teitelbaum has a great depth of personal interest in the transgender community and how to best achieve the individual’s personal vision for this vital transition.

Every Los Angeles MTF top surgery procedure is performed in our state-of-the-art operating room, top teams of experienced plastic surgery nurses, and our Harvard-educated anesthesiologist. We follow stringent health and safety protocols when performing MTF top surgery.

A Private Consultation

The first step in determining whether Dr. Teitelbaum should perform this crucial surgery is a private consultation. It may not often be mentioned, but how you feel about your doctor is important – you want to be fully confident that you are heard, understood, and that your surgeon genuinely cares about you as an individual. We invite you to meet with Dr. Teitelbaum to discuss MTF top surgery. Only interacting with our surgeon in person will reveal how you feel about him, and whether you are confident and secure under his care. You are invited.

Your aesthetic goals are of primary importance in transgender breast augmentation. You have an aesthetic vision, and concept of your body that is unique to you. You will find Dr. Teitelbaum easy to talk to, a warm, compassionate human being, and able to answer all of your questions and concerns simply and thoroughly.

True Artistry in MTF Top Surgery

Dr. Teitelbaum has an innate ability to achieve aesthetic balance. He has studied classical painters and sculptors to gain insight on the perfect balance in the human form. His focus on the artistic aspects of the human body has proven to be of beneficial to his transgender patients. Your body will be in the hands of an artist – and one of the most highly-rated plastic surgeons practicing in the Los Angeles area.

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