Dr. Teitelbaum requires a consultation with all patients before performing their surgery. But if you have a specific time frame in mind, contact Vicki Koplow and she can tentatively place you on the surgery schedule.

If you are from out of town and unable to travel ahead of time for a separate consultation, she will arrange either a telephone consultation or consultation via Skype. In these situations Dr. Teitelbaum will want to see you the day before surgery so that he can examine you and go through everything again. There are times that patients have significant choices to mull over before surgery, options that cannot be determined until the in-patient consultation. When Dr. Teitelbaum anticipates these situations, he may ask you to come to town several days before surgery to give you time to think through your choices.

Local patients should make an appointment to see Dr. Teitelbaum in person for a consultation. He suggests that you make your consult as far in advance of your surgery as possible to allow ample time to receive your laboratory tests, X-rays, and other necessary preoperative clearance items, as well as to be sure that there will be availability on the schedule during the period you wish to have your surgery. It also gives you a chance to meet Dr. Teitelbaum on multiple occasions to ask him questions about your surgery.

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