Consultation Scheduling

Whether you are local to Southern California or traveling from out of town, our patient coordinator Vicki Koplow is the direct liason for all patients. If you are traveling from out of town for surgery, rest assured that Vicki understands the many details which must be taken care of to make the experience pleasant and convenient.

The consultation process usually starts with an email or phone call to Vicki. You may also fill out the request form below. Instructions on how to properly take photos and upload them are found in the photo upload page of the Patient Form category.

Vicki will then schedule a telephone or Skype consultation between you and Dr. Teitelbaum. He will listen to what you want and determine a surgical plan. Vicki can then discuss pricing and scheduling with you.

While Dr. Teitelbaum usually can ascertain what a patient wants to do from the virtual consultation, the plan is obviously only tentative until he sees you in person, which he always wants to do a day or two before the scheduled surgery.

When you return home, your care will continue via ongoing telephone calls, emails, or Skype conversations.

Is there a consultation fee?

Many plastic surgeons who offer complimentary meetings actually pass you off to a "cosmetic consultant" or patient coordinator, or they may spend only a few moments with you.

Dr. Teitelbaum schedules a large block of time for each prospective patient, and will always take as much time as you need to discuss your desires and your concerns. There is usually an array of surgical options available, each involving different costs, risks, recoveries, scars, and results.

It is Dr. Teitelbaum's goal to explore these issues as thoroughly as possible, so that you can make a truly informed choice about what you want done. Whether you have the surgery done with Dr. Teitelbaum, by someone else, or not at all, you will be sure to leave with a dramatically enhanced understanding of your situation.

Why does Dr. Teitelbaum charge for consultations?

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