My google alerts seem to go off every week with a story about the increase in “moob” surgery in the UK.  Two things strike me about this.  First, is the term “moobs.”  I think it is horrible!  But then again, from the country that brought us the “boot,” “bonnet”, and “wanker,” I suppose it is reasonable.  It just sounds so disparaging to me.

But the more interesting thing that strikes me about these stories is that gynecomastia surgery has surged just as much in my practice here in the USA, yet our press doesn’t touch the story.  Is the British press for once being responsible?  Or do they see this as a tawdry story that fits into their exploitive style of gossip-journalism?

In any case, the truth is that gynecomastia is a very common problem.  So common, that is is really just a variant of normal: nearly all men experience it going through adolescence, and though it resolves in most, it persists in many.  And it causes great embarrassment and consternation.

I only wish that the US press would cover this story more.  Many men are still suffering from this in shame, unaware that there is a solution to their problem.  A series of good news stories would destigmatize this common condition and let men know that there is help available.

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