At the beginning of the recession, I was interviewed by a major newspaper for a story on the effect of the economy on plastic surgery.  At that point, my business had been totally unaffected.  I even showed the numbers to the reporter.  Guess what?  My quotes weren’t in the story.  He had chosen to defend the hypothesis that plastic surgery was on the wane, and no fact was going to change that reporter’s mind.

And of course, once that stuff gets written about, it slowly becomes reality.

The truth is that when times get bad, people realize that investing in their own bodies makes the most sense.  You always look better thinner in a cheaper suit than fatter in a better suit.  And the dividends of plastic surgery – self esteem – looking better for a tough job market – feeling more confident in your intimate life – is the best money one can spend.

I was speaking to my trainer at the gym.  He has not seen a drop at all in clients.  People will eat out less, trade in their car later, but the last thing to go is taking care of their bodies.

Finally, conspicuous consumption is no longer chic.  Those that have money are more apt to spend it in ways not visible to everyone else.  Everyone can see your new Birkin bag, but your tummy tuck is a secret to the world.  Which would you rather have: this bag instead of the one you are now carrying: , or the kind of change a tummy tuck can do ?

Alas a story that talks about the fact that plastic surgery is still going strong despite the strong downturn in the economy.  Why does this excite me?  Because it is the truth.  But the media has been intent on telling another story.

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