One of the most common reasons for revision surgery is size change. This is a medically unnecessary procedure and should only be performed with sufficient good reason. A size change revision is also totally avoidable. If a patient understands at the time of the first operation that implant size should be based upon both measurements of their own tissue and published data about the ideal size for any given measurement, then it follows that each breast has one "correct" size. Dr. Teitelbaum is a renowned expert for his ability to determine the "correct" size for you.

Sometimes, patients gain or lose weight and therefore need to change their implants. Breastfeeding can also lead to a change in the breasts and the size of an implant that will best fit.

In general, more patients actually want to be revised smaller rather than larger. This finding dispels the myth that patients always wish they had chosen a larger implant size. This desire to reduce the implant size could be because the patient wants a more natural-looking breast, may face discomfort during sports or fitting into fashionable clothes, or even simply wants to accommodate her evolving personal relationships and lifestyle. Whatever the reasoning behind the revision, Dr. Teitelbaum will provide you with an exceptional surgery.

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