Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ideal weight for a mommy makeover?

Ideal candidates for a Mommy Makeover are usually at a BMI of around 30. That said, being over 30 may not be a disqualifying factor. In terms of body weight, it is recommended that patients be no more than 10 to 20 pounds away from their ideal weight, as weight fluctuations can impact the results of the procedure down the line.

What are the cons of a mommy makeover?

As with any surgical procedure, a mommy makeover comes with some risks. Some of these include bleeding, infection, poor healing of incisions, loss of sensation in the nipples, decreased ability to breastfeed, leakage of the implants, capsular contracture, hematoma, seroma, etc.

How long does a mommy makeover last?

A mommy makeover consists of various procedures that will be different for everyone. As such, the length of time that results will last will vary from person to person. For example, the results of body contouring can last for decades, while breast augmentation may only last ten years.

How long are you down with a mommy makeover?

This will ultimately depend on the specific procedures involved in the mommy makeover treatment. Generally speaking, most patients can get back to work about 2 weeks after surgery. By the 6-week mark, most are able to resume all other normal activities (exercise, heavy lifting, etc). That said, patients should always check in with the doctor before making these decisions.

Is Mommy Makeover surgery painful?

Any pain that comes with a Mommy Makeover can be easily mitigated by taking post-procedural pain medications. Most patients find that it is less painful than a C-section. Of course, the level of pain will vary depending on the procedures employed.

How do I prepare my body for a mommy makeover?

It is highly recommended that patients undergo a full medical assessment before proceeding with treatment. Patients will be asked to refrain from smoking and discontinue (or begin) the use of certain medications. Blood thinners (aspirin, drugs, and herbal supplements) should be avoided, as they can cause excessive bleeding.

Do I have to lose weight before a mommy makeover?

With any body contouring procedure, it is highly recommended that patients be at or close to their ideal weight. Losing large amounts of weight following a Mommy Makeover can leave the patient with excess skin, making them unhappy with the way they look. It is best to be patient and wait until your body is in the right state before going forward with the treatment.

Do you have to be put to sleep for a mommy makeover?

In order to ensure that patients are comfortable throughout the treatment, Mommy Makeover procedures are usually performed under twilight anesthesia (intravenous sedation). Patients will be asleep throughout the procedure and will be totally unaware of what’s happening while they are under.

What can you not do after a mommy makeover?

It is vital that patients avoid all strenuous activity until their bodies have completely healed. Once healed, getting regular exercise is important. Patients should maintain a healthy weight, avoid getting pregnant, and refrain from smoking.

Do you gain weight after a mommy makeover?

There is no weight gain associated with a mommy makeover procedure. If patients gain large amounts of weight following the treatment, it could negatively impact their results. That said, putting on a few pounds is not going to completely ruin the patient’s outcome.

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